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Interactive Map of the Torren Region
Introduction Insurgence
Professor Professor Sylvan
Starter Pokémon Delta Bulbasaur
Delta Squirtle
Delta Charmander
Regional Villains Perfection
Cult of Darkrai
Abyssal Cult
Sky Cult
Infernal Cult
Pokémon League Torren League
League Location Pokémon League
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Torren is a region exclusive to Pokémon Insurgence.


Dated history

  • Unknown years prior to the events of Pokémon Insurgence, Torren was founded by the First Augur after a major war between cults.

Contemporary history


Cities, routes, and other locations

Torren has 15 accessible cities and towns, and a Pokémon League.

Cities and towns

Map City/Town Description
TelnorTown.png Telnor Town A small village in the corner of the region. It is the hometown of Damian and Professor Sylvan.
MidnaTown.png Midna Town A peaceful town with a Trainer School.
SuntouchedCity.png Suntouched City A large city that hosts the first official Gym of the Torren League.
MetchiTown.png Metchi Town A small and quiet town that is home to Secret Bases.
VipikCity.png Vipik City A mid-forest city that hosts the second official Gym of the Torren League.
KorilTown.png Koril Town A town in the middle of nowhere with a Stock Market and a Scientists Club.
RogganTown.png Roggan Town A desertous town that will host the Pokémon World Tournament in the future.
HeliosCity.png Helios City The capital of the region. This is also the city that hosts the third official Gym of the Torren League.
UtiraTown.png Utira Town A town that is well-known as a centre of learning thanks to its large library.
MiaraTown.png Miara Town A port township in the region's south. It has a museum and a trading outpost.
SonataCity.png Sonata City A quiet city in the south-west, famous for racing and the Poképon. It hosts the fourth official Gym of the Torren League.
KeplerCity.png Kepler City A city well known for technology and science. It hosts the fifth official Gym of the Torren League.
NascaTown.png Nasca Town This rural town is devoted to farming and supplies Torren with important food crops.
HekateTown.png Hekate Town A town home to many practitioners of magic, who use their art throughout daily life.
SeleneCity.png Selene City A small, rather out-of-the-way city in the north-west. It hosts the sixth official Gym of the Torren League.
OranosTown.png Oranos Town A small town in the north-west.
AmphitriteCity.png Amphitrite City A rain-covered city, home to the seventh official Gym of the Torren League.
DeyraanTown.png Deyraan Town A snowy town located on the slopes of Mount Rose.
NarraTown.png Narra Town A town in the east.
NexaTown.png Nexa Town A town on the way to the Pokémon League.
GaeaTown.png Gaea Town A town only accessible after defeating the Elite Four, home to the First Augur's former Gym.


Map Route Description
Route1.png Route 1
A route in eastern Torren, connecting Shade Forest and Midna Town. The entrance to the Dark Cave is located on this route.
Route2.png Route 2
A route connecting Midna Town to the Cyan Cavern. It also has an entrance to the Ancient Ruins.
Route3.png Route 3
Route4.png Route 4
Route5.png Route 5
Route6.png Route 6
Route7.png Route 7
Route8.png Route 8
Route9.png Route 9
Route10.png Route 10
Route11.png Route 11
Route12.png Route 12
Route13.png Route 13


Map Landmark Description
CultofDarkrai2F.png Cult of Darkrai The secret base of the Cult of Darkrai, where human sacrifices are made in order to summon the Mythical Pokémon, Darkrai.
ShadeForest1.png Shade Forest ---
TelnorCave1.png Telnor Cave ---
DarkCave.png Dark Cave ---
MidnaGarden.png Midna Garden Area behind Dark Cave where the player can encounter Cobalion when they have obtained Heart Swap.
MidnaMine1.png Midna Mine ---
AncientRuins1.png Ancient Ruins ---
CyanCavern1.png Cyan Cavern ---
FriendSafari.png Friend Safari ---
VipikDump.png Vipik Dump ---
Crossroads.png Crossroads ---
SamsaraCave.png Samsara Cave ---
RezzaiDesert.png Rezzai Desert ---
RezzaiCavern.png Rezzai Cavern ---
HeliosSewers.png Helios Sewers Sewers with an entrance from Helios Department Store's Basement and leads to the Black Market.
BlackMarket.png Black Market Area located under Helios City home to many illegal activities and vendors. It leads to the Perfection Base in the northeast corner.
PerfectionBase.png Perfection Base The secret base of Perfection where they perform tests and research into the "perfect Pokemon", whether that be some form of Delta, mega, or fusion.
JadeTower.png Jade Tower Home to the Helios Gym, as well as being the tallest building in Torren.
CaveofSteam.png Cave of Steam ---
UtiraLibrary.png Utira Library Enormous library in northern Utira Town said to house the world's knowledge.
WhirlIslands.png Whirl Islands ---
SonataHills.png Sonata Hills ---
AbyssalBase.png Abyssal Base ---
MurkForest.png Murk Forest ---
FieryCaverns.png Fiery Caverns ---
AncientTower.png Ancient Tower ---
DragonRuins.png Dragon Ruins ---

Torren League

Main article: Pokémon League

The Torren League is the regional Pokémon League of the Torren region. After obtaining the eight Badges of the region a Trainer may battle the Elite Four at the Pokémon League building.

Gym Leaders

Torren League
Gym Leader Location Theme Badge
Suntouched City Fire Thermal Badge.png
Thermal Badge
Vipik City Bug Stinger Badge.png
Stinger Badge
Helios City Flying Summit Badge.png
Summit Badge
Sonata City Fairy Paragon Badge.png
Paragon Badge
Kepler City Steel Circuit Badge.png
Circuit Badge
Selene City Psychic Dreamland Badge.png
Dreamland Badge
Amphitrite City Water Rainstorm Badge.png
Rainstorm Badge
Erebus City Dark Tartarus Badge.png
Tartarus Badge

Elite Four

Thermal Badge.png Stinger Badge.png Summit Badge.png Paragon Badge.png Circuit Badge.png Dreamland Badge.png Rainstorm Badge.png Tartarus Badge.png
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