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Leader of Perfection, Reukra
Leader Reukra
Region Torren
Major targets Suntouched Gym, Sonata Hills, Hidden Workshop, Dragon Ruins
Hideout location Helios City

Perfection is a cult interested in obtaining what they refer to as the perfect Pokémon. Though they have obtained the Legendary Pokémon Kyurem, it is unlikely that they revere it to the same extent as the other cults and their mascot legendaries. Their goals seem to revolve around finding Perfection. These attempts have included Delta Pokemon, Armored Pokemon, The Original Dragon, and Mewtwo. They are one of five cults based in the Torren region during the events of the game.

In the game

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Perfection is very different in comparison to the other four cults. Perfection does not appear to have a specific type of Pokémon that they prefer to use in battle, and they also appear to prefer to experiment with Pokémon to obtain greater power rather than obsessively seek out godlike Legendary Pokémon. They have used these experiments to create their own Delta Pokémon, which include the player and Damian's starters in the event that they did not choose Eevee. One of the cult's members, Taen, invades the Suntouched Gym in an attempt to take Reshiram from Orion. Later Reukra discusses the cult's move from researching Delta Pokémon to researching Mega Evolution, which is shown in the player's battles with Taen where he uses a different Mega Evolution in each battle.

Taen and Reukra are seen together again in the hospital in Sonata Hills where they manage to infect Harmony's father with Pokérus which results in Damian getting kidnapped. Taen parts ways with Reukra after this event and makes his way to Kepler City, where he commissions Anastasia to create armor for Zekrom. This armor results in Zekrom easily overpowering Reshiram, which Taen takes from Orion as he heads to the Dragon Ruins. Nora and the player then battle Taen together after he fails to summon the Original Dragon. After Reshiram returns to Orion and Zekrom flees, Taen vows to take revenge on Nora and the player before departing.

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