Mysterious Spire

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Mysterious Spire
Mystery Zone.png
Mystery Zone.png
Mystery Zone.png
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Location: Southwestern Torren while Soaring
Access to Oort Cloud Object
Region: Torren
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Interactive Map Location of Mysterious Spire in Torren.

Mysterious Spire is located on an island off the southwest coast of Torren closest to Sonata Tracks and can only be accessed by Soaring. A powerful seal is placed over the interior of the spire, requiring some great accomplishment in order to remove it.

The player can read books from the many bookshelves inside, which detail the secret findings of a group of researchers that made a surprising discovery when studying some bizarre emissions coming from the edge of the solar system. You will need to read all of the books in order to find the password to activate the portal.

The password is:

  • chandrasekhar


Item Location
Haxorite.png Haxorite Visible from the entrance
X Attack 3.png X Attack 3 x 2 B1, Left side of leftmost table in the first room you enter
Hyper Potion.png Hyper Potion
  • B1, Top side of leftmost table
  • B3, On the table

Rare Candy.png Rare Candy
  • B1, Top right of rightmost table
  • B2, Rightmost table
Exp. Share.png Exp. Share B1, Top left of rightmost table
Max Revive.png Max Revive B2, Lefttmost table
Escape Rope.png Escape Rope B2, Middle table