Sonata Hills

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Sonata Hills
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Route 10
Sonata Hills
Sonata City
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Interactive Map Location of Sonata Hills in Torren.

The Sonata Hills are a serene and beautiful place located north of Sonata City. It houses a hospital run by Harmony that takes care of the sick and elderly. The Hills are connected to Route 10 in the west.


After clearing the Sonata Gym

  • Enter the basement of the hospital, where the player finds Harmony, Damian, and Nora, faced with Taen and Reukra.
  • Follow them to Malde's room, which is the leftmost room on the second floor.
  • Exit the hospital and head west to Route 10.


Item Location
Cell Battery.png Cell Battery BF; behind the crate
Rare Candy.png Rare Candy ×4
  • 1F; inside of a tree below the the top-right room (hidden)
  • 1F; inside of a drawer in the top-leftmost room (hidden)
  • 1F; middle of the carpet in 2nd room counting from the top-right direction (hidden)
  • 2F; inside of a tree to the left of the bottom-left room (hidden)
Hyper Potion.png Hyper Potion 1F; bottom-right room
Ultra Ball.png Ultra Ball ×2
  • 1F; bottom-right room
  • 1F; top-rightmost room
Paralyze Heal.png Parlyz Heal 1F; bottom-right room
Escape Rope.png Escape Rope 1F;top row, second room from the left
Dragontm.png TM09 Dragon Pulse 2F; bottom-left room
Hyper Potion.png Hyper Potion 2F; bottom-right room
Poké Ball.png Poké Ball 2F; top row, second room from the left
Super Repel.png Super Repel 2F; top row, second room from the right
Great Ball.png Great Ball 2F; top-rightmost room
Burn Heal.png Burn Heal 2F; top-rightmost room
Audinite.png Audinite Inside, Hidden Room (requires Tesseract)
PP Up.png PP Up In the path going behind the building


Wild Pokémon can be encountered by surfing or fishing in the pond south of the hospital.

By traveling behind and to the right of the hospital building, one may find a hidden room housing a Delta Litwick and Audinite. Delta Litwick can only be received by giving it an Oran Berry.

  Pokémon     Location     Levels     Rate  
073.png Tentacruel
Surfing Surfing
46-50 30%
278.png Wingull
Surfing Surfing
42-46 60%
319.png Sharpedo
Surfing Surfing
46-50 1%
320.png Wailmer
Surfing Surfing
42-46 5%
581.png Swanna
Surfing Surfing
46-50 4%
129.png Magikarp
Old Rod Fishing
Old Rod
42-46 70%
211.png Qwilfish
Old Rod Fishing
Old Rod
42-46 30%
130.png Gyarados
Good Rod Fishing
Good Rod
46-50 40%
211.png Qwilfish
Good Rod Fishing
Good Rod
46-50 60%
171.png Lanturn
Super Rod Fishing
Super Rod
46-50 4%
211.png Qwilfish
Super Rod Fishing
Super Rod
46-50 40%
349.png Feebas
Super Rod Fishing
Super Rod
5-10 1%
367.png Huntail
Super Rod Fishing
Super Rod
46-50 15%
368.png Gorebyss
Super Rod Fishing
Super Rod
46-50 40%
Gift Pokémon
901.png Delta Litwick
Gift Gift
40 One


  • Before the hospital was built, there was a restaurant in Sonata Hills.
  • Gym Leader Harmony looks after this area in her spare time.

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