Sky Cult

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Sky Cult
Sky Cultist1.png
Sprite of a Sky Cultist
Leader Jaern
Region Torren
Major targets Rezzai Cavern, Jade Tower
Hideout location Unknown

The Sky Cult is a cult interested in obtaining the Legendary Pokémon Rayquaza. They are one of five cults based in the Torren region during the events of Pokemon Insurgence.

In the game

Sky Cultists generally use Dragon and Flying-type Pokémon in battle. They plan to use Rayquaza's power along with the First Augur's crystal in order to create what Jaern considers a peaceful region. However, they have no qualms with killing anyone who gets in their way.

The Sky Cult doesn't begin to make an appearance until the end of the 1.0 update. Here, they are seen attempting to kill a Hiker and his family even after he willingly gives them a scroll containing Rayquaza's secrets. They then move on to take over the Jade Tower, which the player and Damian assume means that they are going to force Jaern to summon Rayquaza for them. However, once they reach Jaern, he reveals himself to have been the leader of the Sky Cult all along. The cult's plans are ultimately foiled when the player manages to defeat Rayquaza and Damian destroys the Augur's crystal, forcing Jaern to flee from the tower in order to search for the crystal's shards.


  • During a conversation with Jaern, a Mysterious Grunt states "It was a surprise when you became the leader of the Sky Cult." This could possibly imply that Jaern is not the Sky Cult's first Leader.
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