Abyssal Cult

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Abyssal Cult
Abyssal Cultist1.png
Sprite of an Abyssal Cultist
Leader Audrey
Region Torren
Major targets Telnor Town, Ancient Ruins, Vipik Dump, Miara Town, Whirl Islands, Kepler City
Hideout location Maelstrom 9

The Abyssal Cult is a cult interested in obtaining the Legendary Pokémon Kyogre. They are one of five cults based in the Torren region.

In the game

Abyssal Cultists generally use Water-type Pokémon in battle, but can also be seen using Dark-types such as Skuntank and Crawdaunt, as well as Poison-types such as Skrelp and Golbat. Though it is known that they wish to ultimately obtain Kyogre, it is Lugia they want to use to flood the region in order to have Kyogre summon a number of ancient deep sea Pokémon from the depths. The cultists appear to have an almost unhealthy obsession with impressing their leader, Audrey.

Throughout the beginning of the story, the Abyssal Cultists only appear interested in performing a number of odd side jobs that don't seem to have any relevance with obtaining Kyogre. They attack Telnor Town's Town Hall and attempt to assassinate Jaern. Then they attack the Ancient Ruins, most likely as an attempt to draw out the Lucario there so that they can investigate Mega Evolution. Finally, they appear in Vipik City as they overhear a conversation between the protagonist and Damian about Mew. This later leads to them kidnapping Damian and forcing the player to save him in the Vipik Dump.

During the cutscene after defeating Jaern, an Abyssal Grunt is seen picking up a shard of Jaern's crystal and then plans to give the shard to Audrey in hopes of a promotion.

The player's next encounter with the Abyssal Cult introduces them to Audrey, who arrives in Miara Town to obtain the Tidal Bell from a fake Blue Orb located in the museum. She then summons Lugia in the Whirl Islands before departing to flood Kepler City with storms generated by Lugia. After defeating Audrey in the Abyssal Base, Damian is revealed to be Audrey's son before stealing the crystal shard from Audrey, which then causes her to lose control over Kyogre and ultimately fall victim to its wrath.

After the loss of their leader, the Abyssal Cult disbands.

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