Infernal Cult

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Infernal Cult
Infernal Cultist.png
Sprite of an Infernal Cultist
Leader Zenith
Region Torren
Major targets Telnor Town, Utira Library, Fiery Caverns
Hideout location Rose Crater

The Infernal Cult is a cult interested in obtaining the Legendary Pokémon Groudon. They are one of five cults based in the Torren region.

In the game

Infernal Cultists generally use Fire, Ground, and Rock-type Pokémon in battle. Though it is known that their ultimate goal requires Groudon, it is unknown what exactly they wish to accomplish by obtaining it.

The Infernal Cult appears briefly at the beginning of the game as they collaborate with Audrey and the Abyssal Cult in an attempt to assassinate Jaern in Telnor Town. Afterwards they do not appear until much later in the game where their leader, Zenith, pretends to assist the heroes by allowing them to listen to a prophecy located in Utira Library. The prophecy in question foretells that one of the heroes will betray their companions and join the Infernal Cult after defeating all of the cults. Afterwards Zenith is found causing a disturbance in Hekate Town's Fiery Caverns, where he reveals his true identity to Nora and the player before setting off with Groudon.


  • Despite having female sprites for Infernal Cult members, none of them are ever used in game.
  • Zenith confirms that the Infernal Cult is the oldest of the cults, having obtained Groudon long before the player begins to intervene in the activities of the cultists.

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