Rose Crater

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Rose Crater
Sandstorm III Field.png
Sandstorm III Field.png
Sandstorm III Field.png
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Connecting locations
Rose Crater
Deyraan Town
Accessible locations
Infernal Base
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Interactive Map Location of Rose Crater in Torren.

Rose Crater is located north of Deyraan Town. As the name suggests, it is the volcanic crater at the peak of Mount Rose, however it is considered to be a separate area. Despite the intense heat, hail constantly falls upon the area.

At the center of the crater, the Infernal Cult lurks within the Infernal Base.


Pursuing Zenith

  • Walk towards the center of the crater while ignoring or battling the trainers and wild Pokémon as desired.
  • At the center of the crater dwells the Infernal Base, where the player and Nora group up with Diana and Calreath respectively before heading inside.

Magma Stone Quest

  • After defeating the Timeless and speaking with the man in green clothes in Deyraan Town, reenter Rose Crater and have the player make their way back towards the Infernal Base in order to retrieve the Magma Stone from within.


Item Location
Awakening.png Awakening Northwest of the entrance to Deyraan Town
Ultra Ball.png Ultra Ball Near the middle of the volcano
Hyper Potion.png Hyper Potion Left side of the crater, near the ragged rocks
Dusk Ball.png Dusk Ball Left side of the crater, northwest of the Hyper Potion
Timer Ball.png Timer Ball Northeast corner of the crater
Escape Rope.png Escape Rope Down and to the left from the northernmost cave entrance, up two sets of stairs
Dive Ball.png Dive Ball Down and to the right of the Escape Rope
Rare Candy.png Rare Candy x2
  • In the southeast corner of the crater (requires Rock Climb)
  • Left of the northernmost cave entrance
Normaltm.png TM68 Giga Impact Near the entrance to Deyraan Town (requires Rock Climb)
Normaltm.png TM32 Double Team Near the entrance to the Infernal Base (requires Rock Climb)
Houndoominite.png Houndoominite In a cave at the northmost point of the area (requires Heart Swap)


  Pokémon     Location     Levels     Rate  
136.png Flareon
Cave Cave
64-69 20%
219.png Magcargo
Cave Cave
64-69 20%
229.png Houndoom
Cave Cave
64-69 9%
255.png Torchic
Cave Cave
54-59 1%
323.png Camerupt
Cave Cave
64-69 20%
500.png Emboar
Cave Cave
64-69 20%
555.png Darmanitan
Standard Mode
Cave Cave
64-69 10%


Trainer Pokémon
Hiker Darian
Hiker Darian
Reward: Pokémon Dollar2400
558.png Crustle Lv.75
No item
Lady Kenna
Lady Kenna
Reward: Pokémon Dollar11840
470.png Leafeon Lv.74
No item
358.png Chimecho Lv.74
No item
Ace Trainer Kenzie
Ace Trainer Kenzie
Reward: Pokémon Dollar4440
430.png Honchkrow Lv.73
No item
395.png Empoleon Lv.73
No item
625.png Bisharp Lv.74
No item
Scientist Malala
Scientist Malala
Reward: Pokémon Dollar3552
441.png Chatot Lv.73
No item
479.png Rotom Lv.73
No item
691.png Dragalge Lv.74
No item
Veteran Max
Veteran Max
Reward: Pokémon Dollar4500
635.png Hydreigon Lv.75
No item
Rich Boy Eric
Rich Boy Eric
Reward: Pokémon Dollar5328
365.png Walrein Lv.74
No item
335.png Zangoose Lv.74
No item

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