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The Augur is a class of trainer that is exclusive to Pokémon Insurgence. They are considered the highest-ranking trainer in all of the Torren region due to their ability and responsibility to keep the region safe from the cults' terrorism.


According to various characters and books scattered throughout the region, the First Augur was responsible for eliminating several different cults until only five remained. After he had established relative peace and safety throughout the region, he mysteriously vanished, leaving Jaern to rise up and accept the position of Second Augur. Though Jaern still appears to have the respect of most of the region, there are clear indications that he lacks the same type of charisma and power that his predecessor possessed. The reasons for his lack of qualifications are revealed as the story progresses.

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Pokémon used

Although in your first and last battle with the first Augur, Adam, he doesn't use it, he has been known to have the legendary Pokémon Hoopa. In his gym battle, he uses only Dark-type Pokémon.

Jaern, in his second battle, uses primarily Dragon-type Pokémon, representing the fact that he is the leader of the Sky cult. He also worked with Persephone to capture Adam in the main protagonist's Dream Realm to gain the title as the Second Augur.

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