Misty Way

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Misty Way
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Sandstorm III Field.png
Sandstorm III Field.png
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Misty Way
Mist Island
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Interactive Map Location of Misty Way in Torren.

Misty Way is a short and uneventful pathway that leads to the Mist Island from the Crossroads.


Item Location
Super Repel.png Super Repel In the grass near the entrance to the Crossroads
Rare Candy.png Rare Candy In the middle of the small mass of land northeast of the entrance (requires Surf) (hidden)
Mysterious Scroll.png Mysterious Scroll Reward for completing the tile puzzle (requires Surf)


  Pokémon     Location     Levels     Rate  
195.png Quagsire
Grass Grass
30-35 20%
203.png Girafarig
Grass Grass
33-36 6%
351.png Castform
Grass Grass
33-38 40%
439.png Mime Jr.
Grass Grass
23-28 9%
334.png Altaria
Grass Grass
35-37 5%
333.png Swablu
Grass Grass
26-30 20%
054.png Psyduck
Surfing Surfing
29-34 10%
592.png Frillish
Surfing Surfing
30-34 90%
341.png Corphish
Old Rod Fishing
Old Rod
28-33 70%
536.png Palpitoad
Old Rod Fishing
Old Rod
31-35 30%
116.png Horsea
Good Rod Fishing
Good Rod
29-34 20%
592.png Frillish
Good Rod Fishing
Good Rod
31-35 80%
130.png Gyarados
Super Rod Fishing
Super Rod
42-45 40%
320.png Wailmer
Super Rod Fishing
Super Rod
31-36 40%
321.png Wailord
Super Rod Fishing
Super Rod
37-41 15%
363.png Spheal
Super Rod Fishing
Super Rod
30-36 1%
457.png Lumineon
Super Rod Fishing
Super Rod
36-41 4%

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