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Main Player
Gender Male/Female
Hometown Gaea Town
Trainer class Player

Very little is known about the player character at this time. So far we know that (s)he is a person of great interest, as when you first show up in the game, your mind is being wiped by a Gengar controlled by someone in the Darkrai cult. An unknown benefactor saves you however, by sending you Mew to help you escape the Gengar, as well as the Darkrai cult base. You head into Telnor Town, and meet Damian, who just nearly sees you conversing with Mew. After a talk, you discover that the second Augur is coming to town, and are tasked to help him retrieve a rare stone from the nearby Telnor Cave, and given a Pokemon from Professor Sylvan to help you. You may choose to use a Delta Pokemon from the Leader of the Perfection Cult or an Eevee from Professor Sylvan.
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  • Thesuzerain (creator) announced the official names of the two protagonists' are Wyatt and Nicole.

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