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Main Player
Gender Male/Female
Hometown Gaea Town
Trainer class Player

The player starts their journey by escaping from the Cult of Darkrai base with Mew's assistance having had their memories erased. The player meets Damian, their future rival, in Telnor Town and receives a starter Pokémon from Professor Sylvan's lab. The player soon meets Nora, who also becomes the player's friend and rival.

Along their journey, the player fights the Abyssal, Darkrai, Infernal, Perfection, and Sky cults and earns all eight Torren badges. When defeating the Cult of Darkrai, the player discovers that they are the child of Adam, the First Augur of Torren.

The player also defeats the true antagonists from the Distortion World, thereby saving the universe. The player goes on to defeat the Elite Four and Champion, becoming the Third Augur of the region.


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Trainer card sprites Overworld sprites


  • Thesuzerain (creator) announced the official names of the two protagonists' are Wyatt and Nicole.

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