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Malde 1 OD.png
Malde (Overworld)
Gender Male
Hometown Mossdeep City

Malde is the father of Harmony that has been in treatment at the hospital in Sonata Hills for years prior to the player's arrival in the storyline. He is revealed to possess DNA that isn't quite normal, which results in a questionable result when exposed to the Pokérus virus.

Background information

Malde is known to have resided in Mossdeep City during what Reukra refers to as the "Delta incident". During this incident, Rayquaza defeated Deoxys above Mossdeep City, which resulted in the inhabitants below developing strange fevers and "tainted" DNA.

In the game

Reukra hypothesizes that Malde's body may not respond to viruses in the same way as normal people, which causes him to force Harmony to give him access to Malde in exchange for the lives of the rest of the people receiving treatment in the hospital. Harmony agrees to Reukra's terms under the condition that she is able to perform the injection of Pokérus herself, considering it to be harmless. The end result is that the Pokérus allows Malde to wake up for the first time in years, but it also causes Malde to adopt the form of a human-Deoxys hybrid. Reukra theorizes that the virus, though it has healed Malde and extended his lifespan, has also taken over his mind, making him dangerous if startled. Damian bursts into the room soon after, causing Malde to kidnap him and escape from the hospital with him as a result.

Malde appears again in the Abyssal Base after the player defeats Audrey, where he is now able to speak and requests that Audrey give him the fragment of Jaern's crystal that is in her possession. After she refuses Malde calls in Damian, who has now also adopted a Deoxys-like appearance, in order to convince Audrey to give up the shard. Malde also states that he had no intention of having Audrey join his cause when she seeks destruction of the world, but decided otherwise due to the requests of Damian, her son. Damian's appearance causes Audrey to become distracted temporarily, allowing Damian to snatch the shard from her before she has a chance to protect it. This results in Kyogre becoming freed from Audrey's control, who responds to its newly regained freedom by pushing Audrey into a pool of water before pursuing her immediately. Malde then leaves with Damian as they continue on the virus's quest to "heal" the world.

Malde and Damian meet with the player and Nora at Mount Rose, agreeing to help them stop the Infernal Cult and the Cult of Darkrai from using the shards of the Augur's crystal. Damian disguises himself and releases a ladder so that the player can reach Deyraan Town. Malde appears sympathetic to the pain caused to Nora and the player by Damian turning. Malde would go on to claim that Damian was happier now, although he doesn't talk much. Both later appear in the Cult of Darkrai's base to stop Persephone from using Darkrai. They are both sent to the player's Dream Realm along with all the Darkrai cultists.

After battling the player in the Dream Realm, Damian hands them a Crystal Piece before leaving with Malde to "heal" the people of the Dream Realm. Adam remains in the Dream Realm to keep the Darkrai cultists as well as Malde in check after the player leaves to challenge Nyx and the Pokémon League. After passing the role of acquiring Darkrai's support to the player, Adam manages to force Malde into releasing his control over the cultists and Damian, returning them all to normal.


It is unknown whether Malde has any Pokémon in his possession. It is also unknown if his status as a Pokémon-human hybrid would allow him to battle the player's Pokémon himself if the situation called for such an action.


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