Dream Realm

Dream Realm
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Artwork of the Dream Realm region
Introduction Insurgence
Professor N/A
Starter Pokémon N/A
Regional Villains Cult of Darkrai
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League Location Route 5
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The Dream Realm is a location exclusive to Pokémon Insurgence that is accessed from within the player's own subconscious. At times it is also referred to as the Nightmare Realm as Darkrai is responsible for managing everything within the Dream Realm. Though it is obviously never referred to as such by any characters within the game, it effectively makes up a smaller third region in Pokémon Insurgence.

Despite being a separate entity from the Torren region, the Dream Realm still currently houses the only location where it is possible to earn the 8th Badge of the Torren League.


The Dream Realm has no known history as it likely was created shortly after Darkrai itself came into existence. Additionally, because the Dream Realm is actually a collection of the subconsciousness and dreams of all people, it can be said to be ever changing based on the people involved. It seems that altering a person's memories also changes or destroys parts of their Dream Realm, as Persephone reveals this to be the main reason why she insisted upon wiping the player's memories in the beginning of the game rather than getting rid of them outright.

The area that connects the Dream Realms of many people is referred to as the Nightmare Badlands and is also said to be Darkrai's domain. Though the player ultimately does find him or herself venturing into the Nightmare Badlands in order to call upon Darkrai's assistance, they do not have the ability to enter the Dream Realms of other people within the region.

It is unknown if Darkrai's counterpart, Cresselia, plays any role in the Dream Realm's existence or management.

Cities, routes, and other locations

The Dream Realm has a total of 4 cities and towns, with one Gym. It contains 3 different routes, though none of them adhere to normal naming conventions. All of the location names represent some part or aspect of the brain and its activity.

Cities and towns

Map City/Town Description
PrionTown.png Prion Town The first town that the player visits in the Dream Realm.
CerebrumTown.png Cerebrum Town The second town that the player visits in the Dream Realm during their mission to find Adam.
ErebusCity.png Erebus City The largest city in the Dream Realm that hosts its official Gym, which also acts as the 8th Gym of the Torren League.
RemVillage.png Rem Village Rem Village is far secluded from the other towns and cities in the Dream Realm. Darkrai dwells here.


Map Route Description
CortisolRoad.png Cortisol Road
A route connecting Prion Town and Cerebrum Town. A Hidden Grotto is located on this route.
REMOcean.png REM Ocean
An aquatic route connecting Cerebrum Town to Erebus City.
NightmareBadlands.png Nightmare Badlands
A more dangerous area of the Dream Realm which connects the Prion Site to Rem Village.

Gym Leaders

Torren League
Gym Leader Location Type Badge
Erebus City Dark Tartarus Badge.png
Tartarus Badge

Dream Realm
Tartarus Badge.png
Prion TownCerebrum TownErebus CityRem Village
Cortisol RoadREM OceanNightmare Badlands
Prion Site