Deep Cavern

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Deep Cavern
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Location: Beneath the Abyssal Base
Region: Torren
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Interactive Map Location of Deep Cavern in Torren.

The Deep Cavern is a cave system located within the depths of the Abyssal Base. It is unknown how the cavern originated but it is likely that Kyogre's rampage played a part in its creation and expansion. Most of the area is quite dark and as such usage of the Flashlight is highly advised.


  • From the entrance, simply avoid the pieces of land littering the water and travel clockwise to reach the entrance to the next room.
  • Travel northeast until a puzzle with water currents is encountered.
    • Take the water current that is three tiles long and is to the right of the series of four small, single tile water currents to go up.
    • Continue up through a small water current.
    • In the following calm pool of water, head up and then right through the second top-rightmost water current that sends the player to the right.
    • Head up through the calm water to reach the next series of water currents.
    • Take the leftmost water current upwards.
    • Move right to take the water currents down and then to the right.
    • Head right to land and then continue right to enter the next room.
  • In the next room, after traveling upward the player should encounter a scene where Damian is found watching Lugia battle Kyogre in order to protect Audrey from harm.
  • After Damian exits the cave with Audrey using his Escape Rope, the player engages Kyogre and a wild Tentacruel in a double battle, with Lugia as the player's partner.
  • Once the Tentacruel and Kyogre are subdued, Lugia returns to its home in the Whirl Islands and the player is free to leave the Deep Cavern.


Item Location
Crawdite.png Crawdite Room 1, in the upper-leftmost corner of the area (requires Heart Swap)
Darktm.png TM41 Torment Room 1, in the small rock on the land mass northeast from the dive spot (hidden)
Ultra Ball.png Ultra Ball Room 1, in the far northwest corner
Burn Heal.png Burn Heal Room 1, west of the entrance to the next room on an island
Max Potion.png Max Potion Room 2, just north when entering from the south entrance
Normaltm.png TM64 Explosion Room 2, after completing the water current puzzles (requires Rock Climb)


The only Pokémon that appear and can be captured in this area are the Tentacruel and Kyogre that the player must face in a double battle with Lugia as their partner. Note that this is the only occasion where the player has the opportunity to capture Kyogre.

  Pokémon     Location     Levels     Rate  
Special Pokémon
073.png Tentacruel
Premier Ball Only one
80 One
382.png Kyogre
Premier Ball Only one
110 One

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