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Broadcast Tower
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Location: Suntouched City
Region: Torren
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Interactive Map Location of Broadcast Tower in Torren.

The Suntouched City Broadcast Tower is a two-story tower located on the cloud level of Suntouched City. It is responsible for broadcasting news and information to locations throughout the world.


When the player first visits the Broadcast Tower, several workers will inform them of a new program starting up that aims to follow a trainer around as he or she encounters rare Pokémon in the wild. When speaking to a guard on the second floor and agreeing to help the boss's new program by becoming the program's star, the player will be able to go on various "missions" for the boss. These missions involve the player going out and searching for a predesignated Pokémon in order to battle them. The show's success does not depend on successfully capturing the Pokémon, though the player will be able to capture the Pokémon of interest and keep them later. The player also receives a fair sum of money for their assistance.


Mission 1

In Mission 1, the player will be asked to go out and battle an Axew in a grassy area. Pokémon Dollar2,000 is awarded to the player for their assistance. Axew can be caught.

This mission is available by default.

Mission 2

Mission 2 involves a Ground-type Delta Grimer in a desert. The Pokémon can be caught and the player is awarded Pokémon Dollar3,000 for their assistance.

This mission is available after completing Mission 1 and traveling a large number of steps.

Mission 3

Mission 3 requires encountering Latios in a small grassy area. Latios flees as soon as the battle begins. Regardless, the player is awarded Pokémon Dollar3,000 for their assistance.

This mission is available after completing Mission 2, defeating Audrey at the Whirl Islands, and then traveling a random number of steps.

Mission 4

In Mission 4, the player chases around a Ghost and Rock-type Delta Solosis inside a pyramid. Delta Solosis can be caught and the player is awarded Pokémon Dollar3,000 for their assistance.

This mission is available after completing the Selene gym and then traveling a random number of steps.

Mission 5

Mission 5 involves a Shiny Deino found in the Dragon Ruins. The Deino can be caught and the player is awarded Pokémon Dollar4,000 for their assistance.

This mission is available after completing Mission 4, defeating Taen at the Dragon Ruins, and then traveling a random number of steps.

Mission 6

In Mission 6, the player is taken to a location where they need to utilize Tesseract, Rock Climb, and Heart Swap to make their way to the clearing where Latios can be found.

Puzzle instructions:
  • Use Tesseract near the wormhole to travel back in time
  • Go up the now accessible pathway, and ascend again with Rock Climb
  • Interact with the notch on the right side of the boulder sitting near the ledge
  • Climb down and go back to the start
  • Use Heart Swap to move the statue closer to the ledge
  • Go back to the present with Tesseract
  • Use Heart Swap to go up the ledge

As the player approaches the clearing, Latios comes to the puddle in the center to take a drink of water, only to be trapped by the director and his Zoroark, much to his cameraman's protests. Before giving the player the chance to object, the director pays them Pokémon Dollar4,000 for their unwitting assistance. After the director and the player leave, a little girl is seen freeing Latios from his cage.

The player receives a call for this mission after completing Mission 5 and then traveling a random number of steps. However, the director does not allow the player to embark on this mission until they have the ability to use Rock Climb.

Mission 7

In Mission 7, the player is taken back to the clearing where Latios was entrapped so the director can begin filming "Latios and Friends". When the director notices the clearing is empty, he demands to know where Latios is. The cameraman sarcastically tells the director how horrible it is that he won't be able to continue to enslave Legendary Pokémon for money anymore, and that his kids must be disappointed. The confused director proclaims he doesn't have any children. The cameraman points to the young boy and girl standing with them, before it's eventually revealed that they are actually Latios and Latias in disguise. The director orders the Eon duo to drop the act. After they both reveal their true forms, Latias escapes, and the director orders the player to battle Latios.

After the battle is finished, the cameraman asks the director if there's any point in continuing the hunt for Legendary Pokémon, as the video of the player battling Latios will likely sell for billions. The director misses the point of the question and forms his own "philosophy" that it's okay to do horrendous things for money, as long as you stop eventually. He then gives the player their final payment of Pokémon Dollar7,000.


It is important to note that while Pokémon encountered on missions are encountered in the grass, they are not the same random encounters that the player is used to. These Pokémon will only appear when a patch of grass rustles and the player walks on that patch of grass.

Interacting with any of the TVs in the tower may trigger an encounter with a wild Rotom.

  Pokémon     Location     Levels     Rate  
Special Pokémon
479.png Rotom
Normal Rotom
Interact Interact
Highest level Pokémon, minimum of 10 Infinite
610.png Axew
I Camera.png Mission 1
20 One
771.png Delta Grimer
I Camera.png Mission 2
25 One
884.png Delta Solosis
I Camera.png Broadcast Mission 4
30 One
633s.png Deino
I Camera.png Broadcast Mission 5
42 One
381.png Latios
I Camera.png Broadcast Mission 7
80 One


1F 2F
Broadcast Tower 1F.png Broadcast Tower 2F.png


Mission 1
Broadcast Mission 1.png

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