Zygarde Cube

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Item info

Cell locations

Location Cell
Telnor Town Right of Sylvan's lab
Cult of Darkrai Prison block, in the bottom right cell
Midna Mine Final room, on the platform where you first meet Nora
Cyan Cavern B1F, above the Dive pool
Suntouched City Upper Level, behind the Gym
Route 3 Inside the Delta Scyther trade house
Perfection Laboratory In the flower field outside
Vipik Dump Middle right (secret entrance behind a large pile of trash)
Mist Island Hidden in the northwest trees (requires Rock Climb)
Samsara Cave Upper level (requires Waterfall)
Koril Town Inside the house right of the Scientists' Club
Rezzai Desert Lower level west, southeast of the Miner
Battle Frontier Behind a house in the southwest
Route 6 Lower section, accessible through Route 15 entrance
Route 7 Right before the bridge to Helios City, off to the right
Helios Sewers From Black Market: down, bottom left in the next room, keep walking left
Route 17 Above the pond on the south side of the route
Gaea Town Heart Swap on the west side of town
Alpha Temple Follow the right exit on the north wall (requires Rock Climb)
Cave of Steam B1F, next to the down ladder
Utira Town Next to the westernmost house
Route 9 Under the bridge
Sonata Tracks In the audience
Sonata Hills In the basement
Kepler City Inside the Kepler Gym
Safari Zone On the mountain in the Desert area
Murk Forest Next to a mossy log in the southeast of the first area
Route 12 Northeast side of the second-highest ledge
Selene City Top floor of the Lighthouse
Dragon Ruins Above the archway where Taen and Zygarde are fought
Route 14 Inside the house
Mount Rose Northeast inside the first Interior segment
Deyraan Town Next to the shrine to King Vesryn
Rose Crater Directly north of the entrance to the Infernal Base
Route 16 In the grass in the middle of the route
Narra Town Next to the stairs
Void Gauntlet Terminus Cave, bottom left branch (Heart Swap in Naragex Forest)
Void Gauntlet Pokemon Village, southwest of the map (requires Surf)
Void Gauntlet Spear Pillar, behind a pillar right of the portal
Settlement Foxtrot Next to the Lab
Holon Pyramid Northeast 1F
Holon Marsh Above the Delta Goomy area in the far east
Holon Jungle South of the map, next to two small trees
Holon Mountain East of the entrance from Settlement Alfa
Holon Volcano Above Delta Remoraid's pool

Core locations

Location Core
Helios City Second floor of Xavier's house
Miara Town Lower floor of Miara Museum
Amphitrite City Behind the big screen
Victory Road - Ice Located in second ice puzzle
No Man's Land Within the Strength boulder puzzle

Teachable moves

Each Core found unlocks a move in the Zygarde Cube, allowing it to be taught to Zygarde. Moves are unlocked in the same order, regardless of the order in which the Cores are obtained.

Cores Unlocked move
1 Dragon Dance
2 Extreme Speed
3 Thousand Waves
4 Thousand Arrows
5 Core Enforcer