List of alterations from core series games

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Pokémon Insurgence typically follows ORAS rules for game mechanics and Pokémon data (moveset, abilities, etc). Some of these rules have been intentionally changed for quality-of-life purposes or to supplement new Insurgence features.


  • The maximum level is 120 instead of 100.
  • Breeding mechanics use a mixture of mechanics from different generations (see the main article)


Moveset additions

Note: Moves added by Insurgence-exclusive TMs are not listed here but on the wiki page for the TM.
Additionally, Pokémon are able to learn moves from TMs and Tutors that existed in Generations I to V if the TM/Tutor exists in Insurgence even if the TM/Tutor does not exist in Generation VI games.

Almost all Pokémon learn Acid through tutoring.


Sprite Pokémon Move Method
004.png Charmander Dragon Breath Breeding
005.png Charmeleon Dragon Breath Breeding
006.png Charizard Dragon Breath Breeding
066.png Machop Drain Punch TM78
067.png Machoke Drain Punch TM78
068.png Machamp Drain Punch TM78
105.png Marowak Shadow Sneak Learned at level 1
Phantom Force Learned at level 65
Shadow Ball TM30
Shadow Claw TM65
133.png Eevee Flare Blitz Move Tutor
Hydro Pump
Foul Play
Leaf Blade
Ice Beam
Fire Blast
Volt Switch
Giga Drain
Dazzling Gleam
Giga Impact
154.png Meganium Calm Mind TM04
Dazzling Gleam TM100
Moonblast Breeding
191.png Sunkern Weather Ball Breeding
192.png Sunflora Weather Ball Breeding
203.png Girafarig Hyper Fang Learned at level 25
Fire Fang Breeding
Ice Fang Breeding
Thunder Fang Breeding
287.png Slakoth Knock Off Move Tutor
288.png Vigoroth Knock Off Move Tutor
289.png Slaking Knock Off Move Tutor
330.png Flygon Boomburst Learned at level 1
Drakon Voice Learned at level 1
Ancient Roar Learned at level 1
350.png Milotic Moonblast Learned at level 55
Dazzling Gleam TM100
351.png Castform Sand Tomb Learned at level 5
Thief Learned at level 10
Rock Throw Learned at level 10
Sandstorm Learned at level 20
New Moon Learned at level 20
Mud Bomb Learned at level 30
Dark Pulse Learned at level 30
Nasty Plot Learned at level 40
Lunar Cannon Learned at level 45
Stone Edge Learned at level 45
Taunt TM12
Rock Tomb TM39
Torment TM41
Embargo TM63
Rock Polish TM69
Rock Slide TM80
Shock Wave TM83
Smack Down TM94
Dark Pulse TM99
Surf HM03
Earth Power Move Tutor
Foul Play Move Tutor
Mud-Slap Move Tutor
Stealth Rock Move Tutor
Sucker Punch Move Tutor
380.png Latias Drakon Voice Learned at level 61
381.png Latios Drakon Voice Learned at level 61
382.png Kyogre Thunder Learned at level 60*
442.png Spiritomb Knock Off Learned at level 1
Rock Blast Learned at level 1
Zen Headbutt Learned at level 1
Phantom Force Learned at level 55
Brick Break TM31
Stone Edge TM71
Rock Slide TM80
Shock Wave TM83
448.png Lucario Iron Head Move Tutor
478.png Froslass Will-O-Wisp TM61
493.png Arceus Dazzling Gleam TM100
523.png Zebstrika Dazzling Gleam TM100
Play Rough Breeding
542.png Leavanny U-Turn TM89
612.png Haxorus Metal Claw Learned at level 1
Iron Head Move Tutor
618.png Stunfisk Volt Switch TM79
702.png Dedenne Dazzling Gleam TM100
718.png Zygarde Thousand Waves Zygarde Cube
Thousand Arrows Zygarde Cube
Core Enforcer Zygarde Cube

Move acquisition changes

Sprite Pokémon Move Removed method Alternate method
382.png Kyogre Double-Edge Level up Move Tutor
718.png Zygarde Dragon Dance Level up Zygarde Cube
Extreme Speed Level up Zygarde Cube

Ability changes

Sprite Pokémon ORAS abilities Insurgence abilities
225.png Delibird Vital Spirit
Insomnia (Hidden)
Vital Spirit
Winter Joy (Hidden)
293.png Whismur Soundproof
Rattled (Hidden)
Rattled (Hidden)
294.png Loudred Soundproof
Scrappy (Hidden)
Scrappy (Hidden)
295.png Exploud Soundproof
Scrappy (Hidden)
Scrappy (Hidden)
337.png Lunatone Levitate Levitate
Noctem (Hidden)
338.png Solrock Levitate Levitate
Drought (Hidden)
442.png Spiritomb Pressure
Infiltrator (Hidden)
Noctem (Hidden)
491.png Darkrai Bad Dreams Bad Dreams
Absolution (Hidden)
493.png Arceus Multitype Multitype
Protean (Hidden)
718.png Zygarde Aura Break Aura Break
Power Construct
(From Zygarde Cube)

Held item changes

Sprite Pokémon ORAS items Insurgence items
517.png Munna Dream Mist.png Dream Mist (5%)
518.png Musharna
582.png Vanillite Snowball.png Snowball (5%)
583.png Vanillish
584.png Vanilluxe

Evolution method changes