New Moon (weather condition)

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New Moon
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Move Ability
New Moon Noctem

New Moon is a weather condition introduced in battle exclusively in Pokémon Insurgence.

It will last for five turns if created using Noctem or New Moon, or eight if created while holding a Dark Rock.


Event Text
If naturally occurring N/A
New Moon used "The sky faded to pitch-black!"
Noctem activated <Pokémon>'s Noctem darkened the sky!
After turn is complete "The sky is dark."
When New Moon ends "The sky brightened again."

On the field

New Moon occurs naturally in any areas where visibility can be improved by using Flash, such as Dark Cave.


  • Increases the power of the move Surf by 50%.
  • The effects of Hone Claws are increased from 1 to 2 stages.
  • Geomancy boosts are now halved under New Moon
  • Nightmare reduces HP by ½ instead of ¼ while New Moon is active
  • Bad Dreams reduces HP by ¼ instead of ⅛ while New Moon is active
  • Pressure reduces PP by 3 instead of 2 under New Moon
  • Flash now decreases accuracy by 2 stages instead of 1 under New Moon
  • Illuminate now increases Evasion by 1.25x under New Moon
  • Fairy type moves are not boosted by Fairy Aura while New Moon is active
  1. Aura Break does not affect Fairy Aura while New Moon is active
  • Dark type moves are boosted by Dark Aura by 5/3x instead of 4/3x under New Moon
  1. If Aura Break is active then their damage is multiplied by 3/5x instead (as opposed to 3/4x)
  • Reflect and Light Screen cause attacks to deal 4/10x and 8/15x original damage in Single and Double battles respectively while New Moon is active
  • The Dusk Ball's catch rate modifier is activated, regardless of location or time.