The Timeless

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The Timeless is a collective group of eight trainers whom have been chosen by Arceus to guard its Crystal as it sleeps. Each of the trainers within the group are considered legendary to some degree and have left noticeable impacts on history itself. It is unknown how Arceus enlists the protection of any of The Timeless, however the power they hold is legitimate as they also have the ability to declare individuals as Augurs of the Torren region. Each member is said to have either faked their own deaths or mysteriously disappeared from the outside world, meaning that only a select few individuals are aware of their continual existence.

They currently reside within the Crystal Caves in a location simply referred to as the Home of the Timeless in-game.

List of Timeless members

  • King Vesryn of the Vesryn Region, founder of the Torren, Vesryn, and Aroma Region regions of the Pokémon Zeta/Omicron universe and the oldest of the Timeless members.
  • Suzerain of the Aroma region, former king of the Aroma region before being temporarily corrupted by evil forces in the Pokémon Zeta and Omicron universe.
  • Steven of the Hoenn region, former Champion of the Hoenn region and researcher of rare rocks and stones.
  • Cynthia of the Sinnoh region, former Champion of the Sinnoh region and researcher of Legendary Pokémon.
  • Dawn of the Sinnoh region, former Champion and hero of the Sinnoh region.
  • N of the Unova region, friend of Pokémon and hero of the Unova region.
  • Alain of the Kalos region, researcher of Mega Evolution.
  • Red of the Kanto region, former Champion and hero of the Kanto region and leader of The Timeless.

In the game

Before the player's involvement in the story, The Timeless decide to lend their powers to Adam in order to put a stop to the activity of the cults in the Torren region by giving him temporary use of Arceus's Crystal and making him the first Augur. This backfires against The Timeless and Adam after Jaern and Persephone manage to remove the Crystal from Adam's possession by imprisoning him within the player's Dream Realm. King Vesryn attempts to get the Crystal Pieces back by enlisting the assistance of Calreath, Nora, and the player in stopping the cults. King Vesryn also tells the player and Nora to beware of Nyx and her Giratina group, though he doesn't know their ultimate goal. After the player defeats Nyx and Giratina, King Vesryn reclaims the Crystal Pieces though he acknowledges that they'll probably be returned to the player after they prove themselves by defeating the Elite Four.

After conquering the Pokémon League, the player is officially invited to pay the Home of the Timeless a visit. King Vesryn explains that they wish to test the player one last time by having the player defeat each of The Timeless, including their leader, before returning the Crystal Pieces to the player and instating them as the third Augur, believing the Crystal Pieces to be safe in the protagonist's hands now that Nyx and her followers have been banished from this dimension.

The Timeless are seen one final time after Reukra obtains the flute that Taen found in the Alpha Temple and realizes its true purpose. The Timeless members can be found scattered throughout the Void Gauntlet, where each of them states that Reukra has become too strong, leaving the player to put a stop to his plans. After Reukra is defeated and the player's encounter with Arceus has concluded, The Timeless disappear from the Void Gauntlet, leaving the player with no way of contacting them again.


  • Each member of The Timeless no longer ages, as there is no foreseen end to the amount of time that Arceus needs them to guard its Crystal.
  • In the game it is mentioned by Audrey that Dawn used the Azure Flute to encounter Arceus. As Arceus spends the majority of the game sleeping in its own dimension, it is therefore unknown if Dawn actually succeeded in capturing Arceus at the Hall of Origin in the Pokémon Insurgence universe. If she did succeed, then this means that she released Arceus at a later time.
    • If the events with Cynthia at the Sinjoh Ruins are not considered canon to the Pokémon Insurgence universe, then this means that Dawn is the only member of The Timeless who has had a confirmed face-to-face encounter with Arceus, as it is unknown if the other members were directly contacted by Arceus when they were recruited to become a member of The Timeless.