List of in-game trades

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Continuing the trend featured in the core series Pokémon games, Pokémon Insurgence features its very own in-game trades. Though the trading system itself is mostly the same, there are a few noteworthy exceptions which set the in-game trades in Pokémon Insurgence apart from those found in the core series games:

  • Non-playable characters (NPCs) in Pokémon Insurgence may provide the player with multiple trading requests, where the player only needs to fulfill one requirement in order to complete the trade.
  • Pokémon traded to the player include the trading NPC's trainer class in addition to their name in the Pokémon's OT field.
  • The ID of the trading NPC is not static, it is randomized every time a trade is made.
  • Pokémon traded to the player have completely randomized IVs; this differs from the Generation VI core series games, where Pokémon either had set IVs or a number of set perfect IVs.
  • The nature of the Pokémon received is random.
  • The gender of the Pokémon received is random, excluding cases where the Pokémon species has no gender or is gender-specific.
  • In the event that the Pokémon received has a primary and a secondary ability, the ability will be randomized between the two; it is currently not possible to receive a Pokémon which already has its Hidden Ability.
  • Pre-Generation V level mechanics are used, where the level of the Pokémon received will always be equal to the level of the Pokémon that is traded away.
    • The one exception to this rule is the Cyndaquil traded in Sonata City, which is received at level 5 regardless of what level Druddigon is traded.

Otherwise, trading mechanics remain the same.

Location Player's Pokémon Traded Pokémon Nickname Item Ability OT
Route 1 158.png Totodile 892.png Delta Dwebble (Cake) Gateau None Own Tempo
or Scrappy
Hiker Sam
Midna Town 631.png Heatmor
or Durant
092.png Gastly Terror None Levitate Juggler Wolf
Midna Town 000.png Any Bug-type 239.png Elekid Thundervolt None Static Ace Trainer
Suntouched City 012.png Butterfree 177.png Natu Oracle None Synchronize
or Early Bird
Lady Tara
Route 3 000.png Any Steel-type 746.png Delta Scyther Cleaver None Hustle or
Ice Cleats
Hiker Trevor
Vipik City 670.png Floette 215.png Sneasel Razor None Inner Focus
or Keen Eye
Waiter Jack
Roggan Town 000.png Any Ghost-type 636.png Larvesta Helios None Flame Body Camper
Helios City 434.png Stunky 235.png Smeargle James None Own Tempo
or Technician
Helios City 130.png Gyarados 339.png Barboach Jester None Oblivious or
Picnicker Mia
Helios City 000.png Any Dragon-type 841.png Delta Lotad Demyx None Magic Bounce or
Firebreather Neil
Utira Town 000.png Any Pokémon 218.png Slugma My Mixtape None Magma Armor
or Flame Body
Utira Town 000.png Any Dragon-type 529.png Drilbur Tenga None Sand Rush or
Sand Force
Hiker Jeremy
Miara Town 015.png Beedrill 067.png Machoke* Vishnu None Guts or
No Guard
Juggler Eren
Miara Town 288.png Vigoroth 093.png Haunter* Deimos None Levitate Gentleman
Miara Town 000.png Any Pokémon 218.png Slugma Camelot None Magma Armor
or Flame Body
Miara Town 329.png Vibrava 357.png Tropius Bananarama None Chlorophyll or
Solar Power
Lady Sasha
Miara Town 000.png Any Pseudo-legendary
(or pre-evolution)
752.png Delta Koffing Koffing None Cloud Nine
or Amplifier
Sonata City 621.png Druddigon 155.png Cyndaquil Vulcan Typhlosionite Typhlosionite Blaze Firebreather
Kepler City 479 1.png Heat Rotom 374.png Beldum Deep Blue None Clear Body Hiker Dan
Hekate Town 067.png Machoke 093.png Haunter* Deimos None Levitate Crush Girl
Selene City 000.png Any Rock-type 247.png Pupitar Gojira None Shed Skin Guitarist
Oranos Town 000.png Any Water-type 443.png Gible Jaws None Sand Veil Blackbelt
Amphitrite City 000.png Any Dark-type 714.png Noibat Radar None Frisk
or Infiltrator
Amphitrite City 001.png Bulbasaur 832.png Delta Shuckle Baggy None Sturdy
or No Guard
Deyraan Town 000.png Any Pokémon 570.png Zorua Kostya None Illusion Miner
Route 16 000.png Any fully evolved Pokémon
with elemental Hyper Beam
830.png Delta Girafarig Palindrome None Anger Point
or Stench
Narra Town 000.png Any level 52 802.png Delta Growlithe Glory None Intimidate
or Inner Focus
Gaea Town 000.png Any Water-type 554.png Darumaka Damage None Hustle Juggler
Battle Frontier 312.png Minun 856.png Delta Plusle Positron None Cute Charm Hiker
Battle Frontier 311.png Plusle 857.png Delta Minun Electron None Cute Charm Hiker

Dream Realm
Location Player's Pokémon Traded Pokémon Nickname Item Ability OT
Prion Town 000.png Any level 1 809.png Delta Doduo D.Brown None Trace
or Compoundeyes
Blackbelt Derrick
Cerebrum Town 000.png Any Dragon-type 894.png Delta Yamask Pam None Aftermath Veteran Grey
Erebus City 000.png Any Pokémon 621.png Druddigon Lego None Rough Skin
or Sheer Force
Rich Boy

Location Player's Pokémon Traded Pokémon Nickname Item Ability OT
Settlement Oscar 000.png Any Poison/Ghost or
854.png Delta Numel Virulence None Poison Point
or Venomous
Ruin Maniac Tim
Settlement Alfa 000.png Any Dragon-type 889.png Delta Maractus HK-47 None Clear Body
or Motor Drive
Sketchy Sam
Settlement Juliet 000.png Any Pokémon 860.png Delta Feebas Apophis None Rattled
or Run Away
Ruined Man


  • In Roggan Town the player is able to trade for a Larvesta whose OT is Camper Sally. This is likely a typographical error, as the female counterpart of the Camper trainer class is referred to as a Picnicker both in the cores series games and in Pokémon Insurgence.
  • The nickname of the Beldum traded in Kepler City, Deep Blue, is a reference to a chess computer created by IBM that was able to beat reigning champion Garry Kasparov in a 6-game chess match.
  • The nickname of the Darumaka traded in Gaea Town, Damage, is a reference to TyranitarTube's run-through of Pokémon ORAS extreme randomizer.