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Artwork of the Holon region
Introduction Insurgence
Professor Professor Pine
Starter Pokémon N/A
Regional Villains Professor Maple
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Holon is a region in Pokémon Insurgence that is based on a region of the same name that exists exclusively in the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Like its namesake, the Holon region in Pokémon Insurgence serves as the main habitat of a large number of Delta Species Pokémon. As it is largely unexplored when the player arrives in the region, there is no region map that exists. In addition, the player is unable to Fly in Holon and instead must rely on soaring as their form of fast traveling, assuming they have unlocked the EmolgaTaxi from the PikaTaxi guy.

Holon features no Gyms and no Pokémon League of its own. It is essentially an entirely new region which the player is given the freedom to explore as they please, while also putting a stop to a minor evil plot along the way.


As the Holon region is fairly newly discovered, much of its history has yet to be fully revealed and comprehended. Many mysteries and questions arise as the player travels across the region, mostly concerning the origin of Delta Pokémon and the purpose of various landmarks found throughout the region. At the Gaea Core, it is revealed that Regigigas has been using the region as its dwelling place, indicating that various structures may have been created due to its presence.

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In contemporary history, the player arrives in Holon after Nora to assist Professor Pine and Professor Maple with their research of the region's Delta Pokémon. Over time it is revealed that Professor Maple had more nefarious plans with the Delta Species, showing a growing desire for world domination as he and the player encounter Delta Regirock, Delta Regice, and Delta Registeel. As Professor Maple shows his true colors by capturing legendary Delta Species other than for research purposes, Professor Pine also reveals that the Scientists Club's involvement had originally been a cover-up under the orders of Jaern in order to discover and retrieve an unknown source of power located deep in the mountains to the north. Professor Pine, not wanting to see Professor Maple succeed in his malicious plans, shares this information with the player with the understanding that he or she, as the third Augur, is the only one capable enough to stop Professor Maple. The player later goes on to discover that Regigigas was what drew Jaern's interest to the mountaintop, and they also have the option of recruiting Regigigas in order to put a stop to Professor Maple. After Professor Maple is defeated, he is taken away by a police officer and peace ultimately returns to the region.

Cities, routes, and other locations

Due to its underdeveloped state, the Holon region does not contain any formal cities or routes. Rather, in place of towns and cities, the player can find 4 different settlements strategically placed in between multiple of Holon's unique biomes.


Map Settlement Description
SettlementFoxtrot.png Settlement Foxtrot The first settlement that the player visits in the Holon region. It serves as an immediate resting area after leaving the train from Suntouched City.
SettlementOscar.png Settlement Oscar The second settlement that the player visits in Holon, wedged between a grassland, a desert, a marsh, and a lake biome.
SettlementAlfa.png Settlement Alfa The third settlement in Holon that sits between a lake, a jungle, and a mountain biome. The residents seem to be involved in an ongoing battle against the Croagunk inhabiting the area.
SettlementJuliet.png Settlement Juliet The final settlement in Holon, located far to the north on a volcanic mountain. Mysteriously the peak of the mountain appears to be blocked off to those who do not have explicit permission from Professor Pine.


Map Biome Description
HolonGrasslands.png Holon Grasslands
A mostly flat, grassy area with a few trees scattered around the area.
HolonDesert.png Holon Desert
A scorching, dry desert with a mysterious pyramid located in the center of the area.
HolonMarsh.png Holon Marsh
A wet, rainy area littered with trees. Several ponds can be found throughout the area.
HolonLake.png Holon Lake
A massive lake home to several Water-type Delta Species Pokémon. A system of caves can be found below the surface.
HolonJungle.png Holon Jungle
A dense jungle with trees which can make exploration of the area extremely difficult and tedious.
HolonMountain.png Holon Mountain
The mountains of Holon rapidly shift from slopes of green grass to peaks of white snow. Many Ice-type Pokémon can be found towards the north.
HolonVolcano.png Holon Volcano
Within the mountain lies a dormant volcano. Its sweltering temperatures make an ideal habitat for Fire-type Pokémon.


Map Location Description
HolonPyramid.png Holon Pyramid
Nobody fully understands the purpose or origin of this enigmatic structure found within the Holon Desert. It is rumored that several treasures can be found within.
GaeaCore.png Gaea Core
An ancient cave that none can enter without the permission of Professor Pine. A titan of colossal strength and ancient origin dwells within the depths of the cave.

Settlement FoxtrotSettlement OscarSettlement AlfaSettlement Juliet
Holon GrasslandsHolon DesertHolon MarshHolon LakeHolon Jungle
Holon MountainHolon Volcano
Lost PondHolon PyramidGaea Core