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Location: Torren
Region: Torren
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Interactive Map Location of PikaTaxi in Torren.

The PikaTaxi is a transportation service available in nearly every one of Torren's settlements. The PikaTaxi Guy is able to take the player to any other settlement, given that they have been there before. After travelling on the PikaTaxi, the player is dropped off in front of the destination's Pokémon Center. Each trip costs PokémonDollar.png500. After using the PikaTaxi fifteen times, the player will receive a VIP Pass, which grants unlimited free rides. Because the PikaTaxi was implemented as a replacement for the Rocket Boots, players who had the Rocket Boots prior to 1.1 are given a VIP Pass. In 1.2, the player can talk to the PikaTaxi Guy after getting a VIP Pass and ask about a quest, where he will then ask the player to find missing parts to upgrade the Taxi. The first part will be in Route 15 and the second can be bought in the Black Market. Returning to him and giving him the parts will let you use the EmolgaTaxi, which let's you soar. After doing this, the Pikataxi Guy will be in front of every tent in every Holon Region settlement and will let you soar. After getting Delta Pikachu by encountering after soaring above the Torren Region, talking to the PikaTaxi Guy again will give you a Pikapad, which will allow you to Fly from anywhere you normally can with a Pokemon with the move in your party.

Pika Taxi