Template:Heavily used template


Template:Description missing

⧼wm-license-information-date⧽ {{#invoke:ISOdate|ISOdate
|1         =   
|class     = dtstart
|lang      = ⧼Lang⧽
|case      = 
|trim_year = 100-999
⧼wm-license-information-source⧽ Template:Source missing
⧼wm-license-information-author⧽ Template:Author missing


|opt= description= Description= date= Date= source= Source= author= Author= permission= Permission= other_versions= Other_versions= other versions= Other versions= other_fields= Other_fields= other fields= Other fields= other_fields_1= Other_fields_1= other fields 1= Other fields 1= demo= 1= |cat= Pages using Information template with incorrect parameter |template= Template:Information }}

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