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Image Links

Currently when you click on images it will redirect you to their image page. I don't think this is necessary nor many people would want to view those pages instead of going to their information page.


At 24x24px, don't the Mega Stone images on this page look quite blurry? Since they're larger in screen size than the ones on the Mega Stone page, is there a simple way to make these 48x48px? Or is there a way to have all Mega Stone images at 48x48px but just resize the images on the Mega Stone page? Because otherwise, you'd need to upload two sets of images: one 24x24px and one 48x48px.

Missed Mega Evolution

Mega Delta Medicham Still Fairy/Ground Ability is Athenian

Missing Delta Medicham Abilities

Delta Medicham and it's Mega have been added, but I don't know the base forms abilities. :(

Delta Medicham's Ability is Sap Sipper. Its hidden ability is Athenian

Wait... those are it? :O

Can I request more Megas?

Are you allowed to request the game developers for more Mega Evolutions right here, or do you have to contact them somewhere else? Because I'd like to request Megas for all the other Starter Pokémon as well as;

Mega Rapidash

Mega Slowking

Mega Butterfree

Mega Dragonite

Mega Farfetch'd

Mega Lapras

Mega Tauros

Mega Xatu

Mega Dunsparce

Mega Ursaring

Mega Quilfish

Mega Delibird

Mega Stantler

Mega Ludicolo

Mega Slaking

Mega Delcatty

Mega Relicanth

Mega Luvdisc

Mega Skuntank

Mega Purugly

Mega Toxicroak

Mega Tropius

Mega Carnivine

Mega Druddigon

Mega Emolga

Mega Alomomola

Mega Lumineon

Mega Spinda

Mega Pachirisu

Mega Dedenne

Mega Goodra

Mega Noivern

Mega Avalugg

Jesus that's quite a list! And this is coming from a guy who didn't like Mega-Evolution at first!