Protean Maxima (Ability)

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Protean Maxima
The Pokémon changes form, stats and ability based on the type of move it uses.

Protean Maxima is an ability exclusive to Pokémon Insurgence. It is the signature Ability of Mega Eevee.


At the start of the turn, if directed to use a move of a type that corresponds to an Eeveelution, Mega Eevee will transform into the form corresponding to that Eeveelution, giving it the type, base stats (including HP) and ability of that Eeveelution. Using a Normal-type move changes Eevee back to its base Mega Evolution form. Protean Maxima is not replaced by the new ability; using a move of a different applicable type will cause Eevee to transform again.

When Mega Eevee transforms into a form with a different base HP, its current HP will be revised to its new maximum HP minus the amount of HP it had lost before changing form (unless that would put Eevee's HP at 0 or lower, in which case Eevee's HP is reduced to 1 instead). This also occurs when Mega Eevee transforms back into its non-Mega form after a battle ends.

Unlike Protean, Protean Maxima does not take the damaging type of Hidden Power and Custom Move into account, meaning that using Hidden Power will change Mega Eevee into its Normal-type form and using a Custom Move will not change Mega Eevee's form.

The abilities gained while transformed are as follows:

Pokémon with Protean Maxima

# Pokémon Types First Ability Second Ability Hidden Ability
133 1.png Eevee
Mega Eevee
Normal Normal Protean Maxima None None