Pokkén System

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In Pokémon Insurgence, certain Pokémon are given alternate formes corresponding to their fighter designs in the Pokémon arcade fighting game, Pokkén Tournament. The Pokkén System is a special system given to these Pokémon which gives them extra benefits and access to exclusive moves in battle.


The Pokkén System incorporates numerous mechanics exhibited by Battle Pokémon in Pokkén Tournament.

Synergy Gauge

Synergy Gauge Charging.gif

Each Pokkén Pokémon features a special meter which fills up as a battle progresses known as the Synergy Gauge if the Pokkén Pokémon is in possession of a Burst Attack. The Synergy Gauge is composed of 5 individual charges corresponding to how much damage the Pokkén Pokémon has taken from the attacks of other Pokémon. A charge appears once the Pokkén Pokémon takes 10% of its total HP in damage, with multiple charges filling the Synergy Gauge for every 10% of its total HP lost. Only damage acquired specifically from the attacks of other Pokémon will count towards Synergy Gauge charges; self-inflicted damage including Substitute, residual effects such as Poison or Sandstorm damage, and recoil damage do not contribute towards filling the Synergy Gauge. Once the Synergy Gauge becomes filled, the Synergy Gauge charges turn white and the Pokkén Pokémon enters Burst Mode.

Burst Mode

Synergy Gauge Charged.gif

Burst Mode is the state in which a Pokkén Pokémon is able to exhibit its special capabilities. At the end of each turn, the Pokkén Pokémon loses 1 charge from its Synergy Gauge. If the Pokkén Pokémon manages to deal damage using a damaging attack, it adds 1 charge to its Synergy Gauge if it is not already full. Conversely, if it receives damage from a damaging attack, 1 charge is removed from its Synergy Gauge. When no charges remain in the Synergy Gauge, the Pokkén Pokémon leaves Burst Mode. There is no limit to the number of times a Pokkén Pokémon may enter Burst Mode, provided that it fulfills the Synergy Gauge requirements each time.

During Burst Mode the following benefits are acquired:

  • All of a Pokkén Pokémon's stats except for HP are increased by 10%.
  • At the end of each turn, this Pokémon restores 1/8 of its total HP if it has not received damage from a damaging attack this turn.
  • This Pokémon cannot be flinched unless its opponent's Attack or Special Attack has been increased, the opponent is also in Burst Mode, or the attack scores a critical hit.
  • Burst Attacks may be used.

Burst Attacks

In order to begin filling the Synergy Gauge and enter Burst Mode, a Burst Attack must be known by the Pokkén Pokémon. Burst Attacks are generally stronger than normal damaging moves and exhibit special characteristics depending on which Burst Attack is used. The moves Counter, Mirror Coat, and Metal Burst cannot act in response to Burst Attacks. Burst Attacks can only be used once during a single Burst Mode duration, however they can be used again upon exiting and then reentering Burst Mode. All Burst Attacks are learned at level 100 and cannot be acquired or accessed by any other means.

Pokémon with Pokkén formes

Shadow Mewtwo is obtained at the Battle Frontier after reaching the highest rank in the Challenge Championship. All other Pokkén formes are obtained at the Pokémon League after defeating the Elite Four without having a single Pokémon faint.

Pokémon Burst Move
Name Image Type Ability Move Type Cat. Pwr. Acc. PP
Machamp 068 1.png  Fighting  Guts or No Guard
Steadfast (hidden)
Dynamic Fury Fighting Physical 50 —% 5
Mewtwo 150 4.png  Psychic  Dark  Intimidate Dark Nova Dark Special 135 —% 5
Gardevoir 282 2.png  Psychic  Fairy  Synchronize or Trace
Telepathy (hidden)
Fairy Tempest Fairy Special 180 —% 5
Lucario 448 2.png  Fighting  Steel  Steadfast or Inner Focus
Justified (hidden)
Aura Blast Fighting Special 50 —% 5