Permafrost (move)

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Type  Ice
Category  Status
PP  15 (max. 24)
Power  —
Accuracy  —%
Priority  {{{priority}}}
Foe Foe Foe
Self Ally Ally
Affects all foes
Introduced Insurgence

Permafrost is a non-damaging Ice-type move exclusive to Pokémon Insurgence. It is TM112.


Permafrost sets an entry hazard around the target Pokémon, which will Freeze them upon switching in. It can stack up to 5 times, with each layer adding a 10% chance of incoming Pokemon being frozen upon switching in. This chance is doubled under Hail.

Permafrost has no effect against Flying-type, Ice-type, or Fire-type Pokémon or Pokémon with the Ability Levitate or Leaf Guard (during intense sunlight). However, a Flying or Levitating Pokémon will be affected if it is switched in while holding an Iron Ball, while Gravity is in effect or if Baton Passed an Ingrain. If an Ice-type or Fire-type Pokémon that is not also a Flying-type or has the Ability Levitate is switched in, it will absorb Permafrost and the effect of Permafrost will end. Also, if an Ice-type or Fire-type Pokémon that is also a Flying-type or has the Ability Levitate is switched in holding the item Iron Ball or while Gravity is in effect, it will absorb Permafrost.

If a Pokémon is holding an Air Balloon, it will not be affected by Permafrost, unless Gravity is in effect. An Ice-type or Fire-type Pokémon holding an Air Balloon will not absorb Permafrost, unless Gravity is in effect.

The moves Rapid Spin and Defog remove the effect of Permafrost; Rapid Spin removes Permafrost set around the Rapid Spinner while Defog removes Permafrost set on both sides.

In the event that both Permafrost and Toxic Spikes are set on the field and the Pokémon switched in is capable of being affected by both, the Pokémon will first be poisoned before having the status immediately overwritten to frozen, regardless of the order in which the two entry hazards are placed on the field.


Type Description
Battle Frost covers the ground around the foe, randomly freezing foes who switch in.
TM The ground freezes at the foes feet, giving a chance to freeze any foe who switches in.



# Pokémon Type
007 007.png Squirtle Water Water
008 008.png Wartortle Water Water
009 009.png Blastoise Water Water
019 019.png Rattata Normal Normal
020 020.png Raticate Normal Normal
029 029.png Nidoran♀ Poison Grass
030 030.png Nidorina Poison Grass
031 031.png Nidoqueen Poison Ground
032 032.png Nidoran♂ Poison Grass
033 033.png Nidorino Poison Grass
034 034.png Nidoking Poison Ground
035 035.png Clefairy Fairy Fairy
036 036.png Clefable Fairy Fairy
039 039.png Jigglypuff Normal Fairy
040 040.png Wigglytuff Normal Fairy
054 054.png Psyduck Water Water
055 055.png Golduck Water Water
060 060.png Poliwag Water Water
061 061.png Poliwhirl Water Water
062 062.png Poliwrath Water Fighting
072 072.png Tentacool Water Poison
073 073.png Tentacruel Water Poison
079 079.png Slowpoke Water Psychic
080 080.png Slowbro Water Psychic
086 086.png Seel Water Water
087 087.png Dewgong Water Ice
090 090.png Shellder Water Water
091 091.png Cloyster Water Ice
098 098.png Krabby Water Water
099 099.png Kingler Water Water
104 104.png Cubone Ground Ground
105 105.png Marowak Ground Ground
108 108.png Lickitung Normal Normal
111 111.png Rhyhorn Ground Rock
112 112.png Rhydon Ground Rock
113 113.png Chansey Normal Normal
115 115.png Kangaskhan Normal Normal
116 116.png Horsea Water Water
117 117.png Seadra Water Water
118 118.png Goldeen Water Water
119 119.png Seaking Water Water
120 120.png Staryu Water Water
121 121.png Starmie Water Psychic
124 124.png Jynx Ice Psychic
128 128.png Tauros Normal Normal
130 130.png Gyarados Water Flying
131 131.png Lapras Water Ice
134 134.png Vaporeon Water Water
137 137.png Porygon Normal Normal
138 138.png Omanyte Water Rock
139 139.png Omastar Water Rock
140 140.png Kabuto Rock Water
141 141.png Kabutops Rock Water
143 143.png Snorlax Normal Normal
144 144.png Articuno Ice Flying
147 147.png Dratini Dragon Dragon
148 148.png Dragonair Dragon Dragon
149 149.png Dragonite Dragon Flying
150 150.png Mewtwo Psychic Psychic
151 151.png Mew Psychic Psychic
158 158.png Totodile Water Water
159 159.png Croconaw Water Water
160 160.png Feraligatr Water Water
162 162.png Furret Normal Normal
170 170.png Chinchou Water Electric
171 171.png Lanturn Water Electric
183 183.png Marill Water Fairy
184 184.png Azumarill Water Fairy
186 186.png Politoed Water Water
194 194.png Wooper Water Ground
195 195.png Quagsire Water Ground
199 199.png Slowking Water Psychic
206 206.png Dunsparce Normal Normal
211 211.png Qwilfish Water Poison
215 215.png Sneasel Dark Ice
220 220.png Swinub Ice Ground
221 221.png Piloswine Ice Ground
222 222.png Corsola Water Rock
223 223.png Remoraid Water Water
224 224.png Octillery Water Water
225 225.png Delibird Ice Flying
226 226.png Mantine Water Flying
230 230.png Kingdra Water Dragon
233 233.png Porygon2 Normal Normal
238 238.png Smoochum Ice Psychic
241 241.png Miltank Normal Normal
242 242.png Blissey Normal Normal
245 245.png Suicune Water Water
248 248.png Tyranitar Rock Dark
249 249.png Lugia Psychic Flying
258 258.png Mudkip Water Water
259 259.png Marshtomp Water Ground
260 260.png Swampert Water Ground
263 263.png Zigzagoon Normal Normal
264 264.png Linoone Normal Normal
270 270.png Lotad Water Grass
271 271.png Lombre Water Grass
272 272.png Ludicolo Water Grass
278 278.png Wingull Water Flying
279 279.png Pelipper Water Flying
283 283.png Surskit Bug Water
284 284.png Masquerain Bug Flying
287 287.png Slakoth Normal Normal
288 288.png Vigoroth Normal Normal
289 289.png Slaking Normal Normal
293 293.png Whismur Normal Normal
294 294.png Loudred Normal Normal
295 295.png Exploud Normal Normal
298 298.png Azurill Normal Fairy
300 300.png Skitty Normal Normal
301 301.png Delcatty Normal Normal
306 306.png Aggron Steel Rock
318 318.png Carvanha Water Dark
319 319.png Sharpedo Water Dark
320 320.png Wailmer Water Water
321 321.png Wailord Water Water
335 335.png Zangoose Normal Normal
337 337.png Lunatone Rock Psychic
339 339.png Barboach Water Ground
340 340.png Wiscash Water Ground
341 341.png Corphish Water Water
342 342.png Crawdaunt Water Dark
349 349.png Feebas Water Water
350 350.png Milotic Water Water
351 351.png Castform Normal Normal
352 352.png Kecleon Normal Normal
355 355.png Duskull Ghost Ghost
356 356.png Dusclops Ghost Ghost
359 359.png Absol Dark Dark
361 361.png Snorunt Ice Ice
362 362.png Glalie Ice Ice
363 363.png Spheal Ice Water
364 364.png Sealeo Ice Water
365 365.png Walrein Ice Water
366 366.png Clamperl Water Water
367 367.png Huntail Water Water
368 368.png Gorebyss Water Water
369 369.png Relicanth Water Rock
370 370.png Luvdisc Water Water
378 378.png Regice Ice Ice
382 382.png Kyogre Water Water
384 384.png Rayquaza Dragon Flying
393 393.png Piplup Water Water
394 394.png Prinplup Water Water
395 395.png Empoleon Water Steel
399 399.png Bidoof Normal Normal
400 400.png Bibarel Normal Water
408 408.png Cranidos Rock Rock
409 409.png Rampardos Rock Rock
410 410.png Shieldon Rock Steel
411 411.png Bastiodon Rock Steel
418 418.png Buizel Water Water
419 419.png Floatzel Water Water
422 422.png Shellos Water Water
423 423.png Gastrodon Water Ground
428 428.png Lopunny Normal Normal
446 446.png Munchlax Normal Normal
456 456.png Finneon Water Water
457 457.png Lumineon Water Water
458 458.png Mantyke Water Flying
459 459.png Snover Grass Ice
460 460.png Abomasnow Grass Ice
461 461.png Weavile Dark Ice
463 463.png Lickilicky Normal Normal
464 464.png Rhyperior Ground Rock
471 471.png Glaceon Ice Ice
473 473.png Mamoswine Ice Ground
474 474.png Porygon-Z Normal Normal
477 477.png Dusknoir Ghost Ghost
478 478.png Froslass Ice Ghost
481 481.png Mesprit Psychic Psychic
483 483.png Dialga Steel Dragon
484 484.png Palkia Water Dragon
489 489.png Phione Water Water
490 490.png Manaphy Water Water
491 491.png Darkrai Dark Dark
493 493.png Arceus Normal Normal
501 501.png Oshawott Water Water
502 502.png Dewott Water Water
503 503.png Samurott Water Water
515 515.png Panpour Water Water
516 516.png Simipour Water Water
531 531.png Audino Normal Normal
564 564.png Tirtouga Water Rock
565 565.png Carracosta Water Rock
582 582.png Vanillite Ice Ice
583 583.png Vanillish Ice Ice
584 584.png Vanilluxe Ice Ice
592 592.png Frillish Water Ghost
593 593.png Jellicent Water Ghost
594 594.png Alomomola Water Water
613 613.png Cubchoo Ice Ice
614 614.png Beartic Ice Ice
615 615.png Cryogonal Ice Ice
646 646.png Kyurem Dragon Ice
649 649.png Genesect Bug Steel
656 656.png Froakie Water Water
657 657.png Frogadier Water Water
658 658.png Greninja Water Dark
688 688.png Binacle Rock Water
689 689.png Barbaracle Rock Water
692 692.png Clauncher Water Water
693 693.png Clawitzer Water Water
698 698.png Amaura Rock Ice
699 699.png Aurorus Rock Ice
705 705.png Sliggoo Dragon Dragon
706 706.png Goodra Dragon Dragon
712 712.png Bergmite Ice Ice
713 713.png Avalugg Ice Ice
738 738.png Delta Ralts Electric Ice
739 739.png Delta Kirlia Electric Ice
740 740.png Delta Gardevoir Electric Ice
741 741.png Delta Gallade Electric Ice
746 746.png Delta Scyther Ice Fighting
747 747.png Delta Scizor Ice Fighting
756 756.png Delta Phantump Fairy Fairy
757 757.png Delta Trevenant Fairy Fighting
777 777.png Delta Misdreavus Ice Fairy
778 778.png Delta Mismagius Ice Fairy
788 788.png Delta Turtwig Water Ground
789 789.png Delta Grotle Water Ground
790 790.png Delta Torterra Water Ground
791 791.png Delta Snivy Water Water
792 792.png Delta Servine Water Water
793 793.png Delta Serperior Water Dragon
800 800.png Delta Diglett Ice Normal
801 801.png Delta Dugtrio Ice Normal
816 816.png Delta Dratini Water Electric
817 817.png Delta Dragonair Water Electric
818 818.png Delta Dragonite Water Electric
819 819.png Delta Hoothoot Ice Flying
820 820.png Delta Noctowl Ice Flying
831 831.png Delta Dunsparce Bug Water
838 838.png Delta Magby Water Water
839 839.png Delta Magmar Water Water
840 840.png Delta Magmortar Water Steel
841 841.png Delta Lotad Psychic Water
842 842.png Delta Lombre Psychic Water
843 843.png Delta Ludicolo Psychic Water
857 857.png Delta Minun Ice Fairy
858 858.png Delta Wailmer Ice Flying
859 859.png Delta Wailord Ice Flying
861 861.png Delta Milotic Ghost Ghost
864 864.png Delta Gorebyss Dragon Fairy
880 880.png Delta Petilil (Water) Water Fire
881 881.png Delta Lilligant (Water) Water Fire
892 892.png Delta Dwebble (Cake) Fairy Normal
893 893.png Delta Crustle (Cake) Fairy Normal
899 899.png Delta Foongus Ghost Dark
900 900.png Delta Amoonguss Ghost Dark
904 904.png Delta Axew Water Water
905 905.png Delta Fraxure Water Water
906 906.png Delta Haxorus Water Steel
915 915.png Delta Amaura Grass Water
916 916.png Delta Aurorus Grass Water
917 917.png Delta Goomy Ground Water
918 918.png Delta Sliggoo Ground Water
919 919.png Delta Goodra Ground Water
921 921.png Delta Regice Water Water
924 924.png Delta Hoopa Flying Flying
Bold indicates a Pokémon gains STAB from this move.
Italics indicates a Pokémon whose evolution or alternate form receives STAB from this move.

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