Foundry (Ability)

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Rock-type moves, when used, melt and become Fire Type.

Foundry is an ability exclusive to Pokémon Zeta/Omicron and Pokémon Insurgence.


In battle

Foundry causes all Rock-type moves used by the Pokémon with this Ability to become Fire-type and receive a 30% damage boost, in addition to all other modifiers.

Furthermore, Foundry also causes Stealth Rock to become a Fire-type entry hazard that stacks with the normal, Rock-type Stealth Rock.

Outside of battle

Foundry has no effect outside of battle.

Pokémon with Foundry

# Pokémon Types First Ability Second Ability Hidden Ability
208 1.png Steelix
Mega Steelix
Steel Fire Foundry None None
922.png Delta Registeel Fire Fire Flame Body None Foundry


Before 1.2, Foundry was the signature Ability of Mega Steelix I.