Dark Matter (move)

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Dark Matter
Dark Matter.png
Type  Dark
Category  Special
PP  5 (max. 8)
Power  150
Accuracy  90%
Priority  {{{priority}}}
Foe Foe Foe
Self Ally Ally
May affect anyone adjacent to the user
Introduced Insurgence

Dark Matter is a damage-dealing Dark type move exclusive to Pokémon Insurgence.


Dark Matter inflicts damage. A recharge turn is required on the turn after damage is done, during which no action may be performed.

If the user has Truant, the recharge and "loafing around" take place on the same turn.


Type Description
Battle The unknown forces of the world are unleashed. The user must recharge next turn.
TM It calls forth the unknown parts of the universe into on attack. The user must recharge.


Note that this still in the process of updating.

# Pokémon Type
009 009.png Blastoise Water Grass
023 023.png Ekans Poison Grass
024 024.png Arbok Poison Grass
037 037.png Vulpix Fire Grass
038 038.png Ninetales Fire Grass
052 052.png Meowth Normal Grass
053 053.png Persian Normal Grass
089 089.png Muk Poison Grass
092 092.png Gastly Ghost Poison
093 093.png Haunter Ghost Poison
094 094.png Gengar Ghost Poison
109 109.png Koffing Poison Grass
110 110.png Weezing Poison Grass
130 130.png Gyarados Water Flying
150 150.png Mewtwo Psychic Grass
151 151.png Mew Psychic Grass
169 169.png Crobat Poison Flying
197 197.png Umbreon Dark Grass
198 198.png Murkrow Dark Flying
200 200.png Misdreavus Ghost Grass
207 207.png Gligar Ground Flying
208 208.png Steelix Steel Ground
215 215.png Sneasel Dark Ice
227 227.png Skarmory Steel Flying
228 228.png Houndour Dark Fire
229 229.png Houndoom Dark Fire
246 246.png Larvitar Rock Ground
247 247.png Pupitar Rock Ground
248 248.png Tyranitar Rock Dark
261 261.png Poochyena Dark Grass
262 262.png Mightyena Dark Grass
274 274.png Nuzleaf Grass Dark
275 275.png Shiftry Grass Dark
302 302.png Sableye Dark Ghost
303 303.png Mawile Steel Fairy
306 306.png Aggron Steel Rock
318 318.png Carvanha Water Dark
319 319.png Sharpedo Water Dark
331 331.png Cacnea Grass Grass
332 332.png Cacturne Grass Dark
336 336.png Seviper Poison Grass
342 342.png Crawdaunt Water Dark
351 351.png Castform Normal Grass
353 353.png Shuppet Ghost Grass
354 354.png Banette Ghost Grass
355 355.png Duskull Ghost Grass
356 356.png Dusclops Ghost Grass
359 359.png Absol Dark Grass
362 362.png Glalie Ice Grass
386 386.png Deoxys Psychic Grass
429 429.png Mismagius Ghost Grass
430 430.png Honchkrow Dark Flying
434 434.png Stunky Poison Dark
435 435.png Skuntank Poison Dark
442 442.png Spiritomb Ghost Dark
448 448.png Lucario Fighting Steel
451 451.png Skorupi Poison Bug
452 452.png Drapion Poison Dark
453 453.png Croagunk Poison Fighting
454 454.png Toxicroak Poison Fighting
461 461.png Weavile Dark Ice
472 472.png Gliscor Ground Flying
474 474.png Porygon-Z Normal Grass
477 477.png Dusknoir Ghost Grass
479 479.png Rotom Electric Ghost
485 485.png Heatran Fire Steel
487 487.png Giratina Ghost Dragon
491 491.png Darkrai Dark Grass
493 493.png Arceus Normal Grass
509 509.png Purrloin Dark Grass
510 510.png Liepard Dark Grass
551 551.png Sandile Ground Dark
552 552.png Krokorok Ground Dark
553 553.png Krookodile Ground Dark
559 559.png Scraggy Dark Fighting
560 560.png Scrafty Dark Fighting
561 561.png Sigilyph Psychic Flying
562 562.png Yamask Ghost Grass
563 563.png Cofagrigus Ghost Grass
568 568.png Trubbish Poison Grass
569 569.png Garbodor Poison Grass
570 570.png Zorua Dark Grass
571 571.png Zoroark Dark Grass
574 574.png Gothita Psychic Grass
575 575.png Gothorita Psychic Grass
576 576.png Gothitelle Psychic Grass
592 592.png Frillish Water Ghost
593 593.png Jellicent Water Ghost
605 605.png Elgyem Psychic Grass
606 606.png Beheeyem Psychic Grass
607 607.png Litwick Ghost Fire
608 608.png Lampent Ghost Fire
609 609.png Chandelure Ghost Fire
621 621.png Druddigon Dragon Grass
624 624.png Pawniard Dark Steel
625 625.png Bisharp Dark Steel
629 629.png Vullaby Dark Flying
630 630.png Mandibuzz Dark Flying
633 633.png Deino Dark Dragon
634 634.png Zweilous Dark Dragon
635 635.png Hydreigon Dark Dragon
641 641.png Tornadus Flying Grass
642 642.png Thundurus Electric Flying
649 649.png Genesect Bug Steel
657 657.png Frogadier Water Grass
658 658.png Greninja Water Dark
667 667.png Litleo Fire Normal
668 668.png Pyroar Fire Normal
674 674.png Pancham Fighting Grass
675 675.png Pangoro Fighting Dark
676 676.png Furfrou Normal Grass
677 677.png Espurr Psychic Grass
678 678.png Meowstic Psychic Grass
686 686.png Inkay Dark Psychic
687 687.png Malamar Dark Psychic
693 693.png Clawitzer Water Grass
694 694.png Helioptile Electric Normal
695 695.png Heliolisk Electric Normal
696 696.png Tyrunt Rock Dragon
697 697.png Tyrantrum Rock Dragon
698 698.png Amaura Rock Ice
699 699.png Aurorus Rock Ice
708 708.png Phantump Ghost Grass
709 709.png Trevenant Ghost Grass
710 710.png Pumpkaboo Ghost Grass
711 711.png Gourgeist Ghost Grass
714 714.png Noibat Flying Dragon
715 715.png Noivern Flying Dragon
717 717.png Yveltal Dark Flying
720 720.png Hoopa Psychic Ghost
727 727.png Delta Bulbasaur Fairy Psychic
728 728.png Delta Ivysaur Fairy Psychic
729 729.png Delta Venusaur Fairy Psychic
730 730.png Delta Charmander Ghost Dragon
731 731.png Delta Charmeleon Ghost Dragon
732 732.png Delta Charizard Ghost Dragon
733 733.png Delta Squirtle Dark Fighting
734 734.png Delta Wartortle Dark Fighting
735 735.png Delta Blastoise Dark Fighting
742 742.png Delta Sunkern Fire Poison
743 743.png Delta Sunflora Fire Poison
752 752.png Delta Koffing Electric Flying
753 753.png Delta Weezing Electric Flying
758 758.png Delta Snorunt Fire Grass
759 759.png Delta Glalie Fire Rock
760 760.png Delta Froslass Fire Grass
761 761.png Delta Shinx Steel Poison
762 762.png Delta Luxio Steel Poison
763 763.png Delta Luxray Steel Poison
764 764.png Delta Noibat Grass Steel
765 765.png Delta Noivern Grass Steel
766 766.png Delta Budew Dark Fairy
767 767.png Delta Roselia Dark Fairy
768 768.png Delta Roserade Dark Fairy
771 771.png Delta Grimer Ground Ground
772 772.png Delta Muk Ground Ground
773 773.png Delta Wooper Grass Fire
774 774.png Delta Quagsire Grass Fire
779 779.png Delta Cyndaquil Electric Grass
780 780.png Delta Quilava Electric Steel
781 781.png Delta Typhlosion Electric Steel
797 797.png Delta Pidgey Dark Dragon
798 798.png Delta Pidgeotto Dark Dragon
799 799.png Delta Pidgeot Dark Dragon
804 804.png Delta Geodude Psychic Rock
805 805.png Delta Graveler Psychic Rock
806 806.png Delta Golem Psychic Rock
810 810.png Delta Dodrio Psychic Grass
814 814.png Delta Kabuto Bug Dark
815 815.png Delta Kabutops Bug Dark
821 821.png Delta Chinchou Ghost Fire
822 822.png Delta Lanturn Ghost Fire
826 826.png Delta Aipom Ghost Normal
827 827.png Delta Ambipom Ghost Normal
830 830.png Delta Girafarig Steel Poison
833 833.png Delta Remoraid Fire Grass
834 834.png Delta Octillery Fire Grass
836 836.png Delta Electabuzz Rock Grass
837 837.png Delta Electivire Rock Dragon
840 840.png Delta Magmortar Water Steel
843 843.png Delta Ludicolo Psychic Water
848 848.png Delta Mawile Grass Dark
854 854.png Delta Numel Poison Grass
855 855.png Delta Camerupt Poison Grass
860 860.png Delta Feebas Ghost Grass
861 861.png Delta Milotic Ghost Grass
863 863.png Delta Huntail Dragon Dark
866 866.png Delta Metang (Spider) Ground Bug
867 867.png Delta Metagross (Spider) Ground Bug
871 871.png Delta Buneary Fighting Grass
872 872.png Delta Lopunny Fighting Grass
873 873.png Delta Riolu Dark Dark
874 874.png Delta Lucario Dark Ground
884 884.png Delta Solosis Ghost Rock
885 885.png Delta Duosion Ghost Rock
886 886.png Delta Reuniclus Ghost Rock
887 887.png Delta Darumaka Dark Ghost
888 888.png Delta Darmanitan Dark Ghost
894 894.png Delta Yamask Steel Poison
895 895.png Delta Cofagrigus Steel Poison
896 896.png Delta Emolga Fire Dark
899 899.png Delta Foongus Ghost Dark
900 900.png Delta Amoonguss Ghost Dark
909 909.png Delta Heatmor Poison Steel
912 912.png Delta Hydreigon Ground Poison
913 913.png Delta Larvesta Dark Poison
914 914.png Delta Volcarona Dark Poison
923 923.png Delta Meloetta Dark Fairy
925 925.png UFI Psychic Electric
Bold indicates a Pokémon gains STAB from this move.
Italics indicates a Pokémon whose evolution or alternate form receives STAB from this move.