Blaze Boost (Ability)

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Blaze Boost
Fire moves up its stats. May burn on contact.

Blaze Boost is an ability exclusive to Pokémon Insurgence. It is the signature ability of Delta Emolga.


In battle

Immediately before the user uses a Fire-type attack its Attack, Special Attack, and Speed are increased by 1 stage. When Blaze Boost is activated by Delta Emolga, its form changes. When in this form, there is a 10% chance that Pokémon using a contact move against Delta Emolga will become burned.

Outside of battle

Blaze Boost increases the odds of encountering Entei in the wild.

Pokémon with Blaze Boost

# Pokémon Types First Ability Second Ability Hidden Ability
896.png Delta Emolga Fire Dark Flash Fire None Blaze Boost