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{{Template:Pokémon Infobox
|type1 = Dark
|type2 = Psychic
|name = Crykin
|tmname = Crykin
|species = Human
|ndex = Trainer207
|forme = 1
|typebox = 1
|abilityn = d
|ability1 = Walking
|abilityd = Thinking
|gendercode = 0
|catchrate = 0
|egggroupn = 1
|egggroup1 = Undiscovered
|eggcycles = 0
=About me=
I like Pokemon Insurgence and I am currently updating the wiki to make it look better :)
I've updated:
* Fully updated the [[Template:Torren Map|interactive map]] with the new map image (complete with all gif markers and clickable locations)!
* Added maps for [[Soaring]] locations :D
* Compiled all the post game content into [[Post Game Guide]]. Most of it was taken from [https://forums.p-insurgence.com/t/collaborative-post-game-guide/14897 here].
* Added lots of images on [[Routes|Routes 13-17]], [[Holon]], [[Dream Realm]], [[Soaring]] locations etc.
* Created a couple of pages on missing locations and redirects
* Fixed some misc. stuff :D
{{Trainerentry|Trainer207.png{{!}}150px|Wiki Editor|Crykin|9000|6|133|Evee||103|Eevite|257|Blaziken||101|Life Orb|648|Meloetta||101|Choice Specs|914|D. Volcarona||100|D. Volcarona Armor|445|Garchomp||102|Life Orb|248|Tyranitar||103|Choice Scarf}}

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