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{{Itemlist|Zebstrikite|Held by the obainable Zebstrika|display=[[Mega Stones|Zebstrikite]]}}
{{Itemlist|Zebstrikite|Held by the obainable Zebstrika|all=One|display=[[Mega Stones|Zebstrikite]]}}

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Sonata Tracks
Mystery Zone.png
Mystery Zone.png
Mystery Zone.png
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Location: Sonata City
Region: Torren
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Interactive Map Location of Sonata Tracks in Torren.

The Sonata Tracks is a minigame in Pokémon Insurgence that is found in Sonata City. The player's Pokémon participates in a race against other Pokémon.

The player is able to be sponsored by various companies based on the player's sponsorship value and the amount of races completed. The sponsors will then determine the amount of money obtained per race and the item rewards that the player is able to obtain.


Zebstrika can be obtained when a man in the Top Racer's area comes to talk to you. When you enter the area and talk to him, he will give you his Zebstrika. The Zebstrika will be holding an Zebstrikite.

  Pokémon     Location     Levels     Rate  
Special Pokémon
523.png Zebstrika
Premier Ball Only one
50 One


Currently there are five Tracks the player can choose to race on. The Tracks don't change anything about the sponsors, rewards or points the player gets. The current Tracks are:

Determining the Sponsorship Value

The Sponsorship Value is determined by how well the player's Pokémon does in the races. It is an average value calculated by dividing the total points obtained by the number of races completed.

The amounts of points obtained per race is dependent on the Pokémon's finishing place.

  1. +100 Points
  2. + 50 Points
  3. - 50 Points
  4. -100 Points

Sponsors and Requirements

Sponsor Min. Races Min. Sponsorship Value Money Multiplier
Kricketune Knockoffs 1 -10 9x
Chespin's Cheaps 3 5 15x
Conkeldurr Construction 5 12 20x
Vanillite Ice Cream Co. 8 15 25x
Vileplume Berry Harvest 4 10 30x
Charco Roasted Meats 10 16 33x
Darkrai Dreamcatchers 12 19 36x
MooMooMiltank Inc. 15 20 45x
Torren Miners Association 20 21 63x
Pelippers Postal Office 28 25 67x
Exploud Night Club 14 30 67x
Furfrou Fresh Water 18 15 72x
PokeTraptions 25 30 76x
ODS Clothing Store 23 25 76x
Oak Consolidated LLC 26 20 78x
Lapras Luxury Cruises 33 21 96x
Porygon E-Banking 40 15 97x
Jolteon Computers 37 35 115x
Techinal Machines Plc. 45 30 130x
Devon Corp 50 40 225x


Money earned is calculated as follows, using the table above:

Money Multiplier * 50 * Amount of Races (since checking the last time/changing the sponsor)

If you have a reward waiting for you, but change your sponsor before collecting it, that money will be unobtainable, even if you change your sponsor back.

Sponsor Money per Race
Vileplume Berry Harvest 1500
Conkeldurr Construction 1000
Vanillite Ice Cream Co. 1250
Charco Roasted Meats 1650
Darkrai Dreamcatchers 1800
Exploud Night Club 3350
MooMooMiltank Inc. 2250
Furfrou Fresh Water 3600
Torren Miners Association 3150
ODS Clothing Store 3800
PokeTraptions 3800
Oak Consolidated LLC 3900
Pelipper Postal Office 3350
Lapras Luxury Cruises 4800
Jolteon Computers 5750
Porygon E-Banking 4850
Technical Machines Plc. 6500
Devon Corp 11250


  Pokémon     Location     Levels     Rate  
Zebstrikite.png Zebstrikite Held by the obainable Zebstrika

Note that sponsors that are not listed here do not have item rewards.

Vileplume Berry Harvest Chance
Oran Berry 46.66 %
Sitrus Berry 13.33 %
Rawst Berry 10 %
Leppa Berry 3.33 %
Lum Berry 0.66 %
Pecha Berry 10 %
Vanillite Ice Cream Co. Chance
Casteliacone 33.3 %
MooMooMiltank Inc. Chance
Moomoo Milk 33.3 %
Furfrou Fresh Water Chance
Fresh Water 33.3 %
Torren Miners Association Chance
Hard Stone 6.66 %
Pearl 0.66 %
Firestone 4.66 %
Waterstone 4.66 %
Leafstone 4.66 %
Thunderstone 4.66 %
Technical Machines Plc. Chance
Repel ?
TM74 Gyro Ball 6.66 %
TM75 Swords Dance 6.66 %
TM81 X-Scissor 6.66 %
TM83 Shock Wave 6.66 %
TM85 Dream Eater 6.66 %
Devon Corp Chance
Master Ball 0.47 %
Delta Ball 1.18 %
Shiny Ball 1.18 %
Ultra Ball 21.33 %
Great Ball 21.33 %
Dusk Ball 21.33 %
Quick Ball 11.85 %
Timer Ball 21.33 %