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Pokémon Insurgence's staff mainly consists of a team of developers as well as those managing official sources of information concerning the game, such as the Pokémon Insurgence Wiki.

Staff members are recruited as their contributions are needed for the game and the community. There is no specific process for becoming a staff member aside from having certain fan-made contributions recognized and a desire from thesuzerain to see more of such contributions for the purpose of improving the game and the community. Noteworthy contributions made both by staff and regular members that are used in the game can be found on the subreddit's credits page.

List of staff

The following are Insurgence's staff members listed according to their role in the game's development, which therein they are organized alphabetically. Wiki staff members are also listed according to their rank. Other than exact rank, no user listed above another (unless otherwise noted) is of a higher rank than a user below them.

Name Title Status
Head Developer
thesuzerain Game Creator, Ultimate Authority Active
Development Team
AppellateNate Alpha Tester, Community Manager, Tournament Administrator Inactive
Cmdrd Server Host/Management, SysAdmin Inactive
crzymnky335 Alpha Tester X
Deukhoofd Alpha Tester, Server/Site Management Active
EchoTheThird Artist Active
Foxknight Alpha Tester Active
Halo99Elite Alpha Tester Inactive
LunarDusk Artist Active
MrSinger186 Music Active
Zero_Breaker Artist Active
1ofthe4rocketbros Alpha Tester Active
Wiki Staff
Deukhoofd Bureaucrat, Administrator, Wiki Developer Active
1ofthe4rocketbros Bureaucrat, Administrator, Wiki Manager Active
EchoTheThird Bureaucrat, Administrator Active
Zero_Breaker Bureaucrat, Administrator Active
Sleepymon12 Moderator Active
Xbser Moderator Active