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Environmentalist Gail
Gender Female
Hometown Unknown
Trainer class Environmentalist

Gail is an environmentalist and works with pro-environment groups.

In the game

Gail first appears during Taen's quest in Perfection Base berating Reukra. She organized a protest to close down the perfection base. She battles the player and gives the player Hiking Boots, the replacement for HM Rock Climb.

The player's next encounter with Gail is in Utira Library, where she discusses about Taen with Orion.

She next appears in Dragon Ruins, trying to stall Reukra and assists the player in stopping Taen by summoning Zygarde's complete form.



Gail.png Gail OD.png
Battle sprite Overworld sprite


  • Gail is the only Environmentalist that the player battles throughout the game.